June 2009

Improvements on Ramps and Doors!

AMS Vans is always tweaking things to make our vans work even better. We’ve made some small changes to our ramps and doors that have resulted in major results.

A new machine allows AMS to produce ramps even faster – what used to take 10 minutes, now only takes two!  Also, a new design allows for greater traction, as holes drilled into the ramp provide better grip for the wheels on a customer’s wheelchair.  Holes drilled down the center of the ramp help keep the ramp dry, and serve as a guide to line your wheelchair up properly.

This increase in production has allowed us to focus on other things, like finding ways to make our customers even happier!  Our rear entry vans also have improvements.  The ramp is now spring loaded so that anyone can lift it. It almost makes the ramp feel weightless!

When you lower the floor on a van, you also have to lower the door.  The door extensions were once welded on, but now they are bolted.  This prevents any damage to the door’s computer system and also makes the door easier to repair and replace.  The doors also come with a rock and chip guard, which ensures that the door works in all weather conditions (especially up north where it can get salty).  Another change is in how the power controlled doors are designed.  Most power controlled doors are operated by cable cords that can break with the standard cable design (that leaves the cord in the pathway of the door).  Instead, the cable is now guarded from the ramp, dirt, and debris so that it doesn’t break down as easily.

Jordan Boston, who helps design and engineer the conversions, is excited about the improvements.  “All our changes are done with the customer in mind,” Jordan says. “They make our product last longer so servicing issues don’t interfere with a customer’s day-to-day activities. However, if servicing is needed we know that not everyone lives near a mobility dealer, so these changes make it possible for our vans to be serviced basically anywhere which saves the customer time and money.”

AMS Vans at Abilities Expo 2009

Abilities Expo and Family Cafe

AMS Vans traveled to Anaheim, CA May 29th through May 31st to attend the Abilities Expo. The Abilities Expo is the biggest event in the US for the disability market and gives AMS the chance to show off our line of wheelchair accessible vehicles. The Expo attracts over 6,500 attendees who come to see new products, learn about advances in technology, and attend special events and seminars. AMS Vans had the opportunity to meet with many new customers (and catch up with some of the existing AMS Vans family!) to show them our new vehicles, and discuss why AMS Vans is different than other wheelchair accessible vehicle companies.

Anaheim was fantastic, and the team (Diana, Kip, Dallas, and Dennis) had a great time meeting new customers and absorbing all of the other interesting products and events. There was even an appearance by Aaron Fotheringham, who is in the Guinness Book of World Records for performing the 1st wheelchair back flip! We’ll be posting video of him on the ramp at the Expo soon, so stay tuned!
Here are some pictures of our booth at the conference:

AMS Vans at the Abilities Expo

The second conference that AMS Vans attended this past weekend (June 5-7th) was the Family Cafe Conference in Orlando, FL, which was held at Disney World. Diana Conte was there to talk with participants and show them the van she brought along from Atlanta. We were really excited to participate for the first year, and although attendance was a bit off, the AMS products were well received. Consumers definitely liked the idea of saving thousands on our vans!

AMS Van at Family Cafe

In the end, AMS Vans not only wants to sell our wheelchair accessible vans, but we really want to keep in touch with you – the disability community – and your wants and needs. We’re building a community for you on the internet (here on our blog, Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, etc), so that no matter where you might be, we can still keep in touch. We feel that the community will become a great place to find and share information to make living with a disability easier. We hope that you will become a part of our family, whether you own an AMS van yet or not.

Side Entry Van at Family Cafe

We will keep you updated with our schedule and which shows we will be attending next. Hopefully, we’ll be at the same conference soon.  Our team would love to meet you, and you must experience our amazing vans for yourself!

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