March 2010

7 Signs You Need to Get Out More

  1. Your daily schedule revolves around your favorite daily television shows
  2. Your idea of a social gathering is to get all your pets on the couch to watch a movie
  3. You go outside and wonder what the giant yellow thing is in the sky
  4. You know exactly how many flowers are on your bedroom wallpaper
  5. Cable salesmen call YOU for advice on which channel package they should upgrade
  6. It’s been so long since you’ve gone shopping for new clothes, your clothes are back in style
  7. You spend more than two hours a day playing Solitaire on your computer

The signs listed above are humorous references to signs of what can possibly be a very serious topic. Those that are disabled are of great risk to isolate themselves from society. The simple process of getting in a car can be a humiliating and painful process for a wheelchair user. Many feel that by remaining inside and isolating themselves, they are safe from discriminating stares from the public or that by going out they place too much on family, friends, or caretakers.  If you suspect you or someone you love is suffering from isolation, contact a local psychotherapist to discuss the symptoms as it may be a warning sign towards serious mental illness including suicide