Accessible Vacations Amenities To Meet Your Special Needs

8 Must-have Accessible Vacations Amenities To Meet Your Special Needs

When it comes to accessible vacations, there are a few specific amenities that simply must be considered before you go. The best wheelchair and handicap accessible vacations start with attention to the following adaptation details.

This blog is for the newly-initiated into the world of special needs accessibility. Until the entire world is created with special needs individuals in mind, you’re probably spending additional time planning accessible vacations that ensure potential destinations adequately meet your unique disability. The AMS Vans family has created the following checklist of 8 must-have amenities to verify exist at your next holiday locale.

1. Know the accessible vacations with reputations for special needs adaptability

Wheelchair accessible vacations known for full-adaptability include large and small cruise ship vacations, domestic and international safaris, and several European tourism sectors. Searches that start there will inevitably lead to other uncommon — yet pleasantly surprising — options.

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2. Focus on the activities that meet disabled access vacation requirements

Thankfully, this is a list of amazing adventures that grows every year. Accessible vacations activities include sailing, scuba diving, sky diving, amusement parks, swimming, and sightseeing. Check specially abled forums and social media accounts for even more ideas.

3. Check potential destination websites for access statements on accessibility

Access statements represent critical information that a resort or vacation business uses to let everyone know they’re welcome to the facility — no matter what their special need might be. This is a constantly changing document that lists the accessible vacations amenities that are or are not available.

Wheelchair Access

4. Review floor plans of facilities and accommodations for inclusivity

The best handicap accessible vacations feature most — if not all — facilities and accommodations on a single floor for wheelchair access. If not, then elevators with wide doors should be present, operational, and publicized before you book your adventure.

5. Find accessible vacations destinations featuring adaptive technology options

This might include the use of text-to-speech software or text-to-Braille hardware for the visually impaired, wheelchair lifts to multiple levels of a single-floor conference room, or resort communication technologies for guests with mobility issues.

6. Check room configurations for wheelchair accessible vacations potential

An appropriately inclusive room might include everything from specifically appointed and designed beds to fully accessible showers and bathrooms. Look for open floor plans with easy access to the parking lot and excursion loading areas of the building.

7. Ask the right questions of your travel professional before you book

If you’re working with a travel agency or planning professional, ask him or her:

  • Does your vacation insurance cover pre-existing medical conditions?
  • Does your vacation insurance cover wheelchair/equipment repair/replacement?
  • Can you make accessible accommodation a ‘requirement’ rather than a ‘request’?
  • Can you guarantee this room will be available upon arrival?
  • Are the other accessible vacations facilities and beach accessible?
  • Is there assistance available at the origin and destination airport?
  • If the transfer bus at the destination is not accessible, is there an alternative accessible taxi service?

8. Consider the adaptability and comfort of a wheelchair accessible RV

Larger vans, custom buses, minivans, and RVs are making huge inroads into the world of accessible vacations. Some buy and some rent — but special needs vacationers love the privacy and functionality of these adaptable vehicles. A bus or an RV solves many of the irritations and challenges of travel.

Let AMS Vans get you to your next accessible vacations destination. Whether you decide to rent or to buy, we have a remarkable inventory of new and used wheelchair accessible vans — and mobility equipment — all sensibly priced to help make your next holiday fully-adaptable and absolutely unforgettable.

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