AMS Vans’ Houston Works with MDA for Community Service

AMS Vans Houston Supports MDA Year-Round

When AMS Vans’ employees are not busy taking extraordinary care of our customers—finding them perfectly suited, affordable wheelchair vans and vehicles—we’re often out in the community, giving time and resources to the organizations that also take good care of our customers. Managers and employees at AMS Vans’ headquarters in Atlanta took on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge recently, and our sister location, AMS Vans in Houston, TX, has a long-standing relationship with their local Muscular Dystrophy Association. Steve Holland, our operations manager in Houston, says it’s the best part of his job.

Steve Holland and a Child at the MDA Pediatric Clinic | AMS Vans

“When you see a smile on the face of a child who’s in the hospital facing a tough time, it changes who you are inside,” Steve says. “It might have been this particular business that led me to our partnership with MDA Houston, but it’s those faces and the people I’ve met over the years that make me want to be a part of it for the rest of my life. I really look forward to every opportunity we have with MDA.”

Along with special events throughout the year, Steve and AMS Vans Houston contribute to several local MDA initiatives:

Steve from AMS Vans Houston and His Friends at an MDA Support Group

Support Groups—MDA offers a number of support groups (Adult, ALS, Parent, Young Adult, Spanish) that meet year-round, providing a private setting where experiences can be shared with others in similar situations. Some of the support groups are disease-specific, while others focus on groups like parents and caregivers. The special connections forged in these groups strengthens everyone in the group. AMS Vans Houston keeps folks at the meetings well-nourished with food, pastries and coffee.

AMS Vans Houston Supports an MDA Halloween Event | AMS Vans

ALS Clinics—During ALS Awareness Month in May, AMS Vans Houston brings in milkshakes for the families, and families at ALS clinics are treated to pastries and breakfast tacos, compliments of one of America’s leading handicap van dealerships. The Houston MDA clinic is the first multidisciplinary care center for patients with ALS in the United States, and they use a multi-disciplinary approach to help ALS patients cope with their disease.

AMS Vans' Steve Holland Gives a Little Girl a Stuffed Animal | AMS Vans

Pediatric Clinics—Clearly a favorite among Steve’s MDA activities, the Blue Bird Circle Muscular Dystrophy Association Clinic focuses on diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care of neuromuscular diseases in children. Common conditions treated at this clinic include spinal muscular atrophy, Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, myasthenia gravis, Duchenne/Becker muscular dystrophy, and congenital myopathies. Every December, Steve and AMS Vans Houston treat the MD children to stuffed animals. You can tell from the photo, this is a joyful experience!

According to Steve, “It is awesome!”

And according to Dalia DeLeon, director of Health Care Services at MDA Houston, “AMS Vans has been godsend to MDA and our families since Steve walked through our doors a few years ago and asked how AMS vans could help by getting involved. We have been fortunate to build a strong partnership throughout the years. Our families are so happy to see AMS vans at all our MDA events, knowing AMS also gives back to help find a cure or treatment one day.

 An AMS Vans' Wheelchair Accessible Van Brings Treats to an MDA Event | AMS Vans

From the bottom of our hearts from all the staff at MDA Houston and our families, we applaud you for your support of MDA’s mission to help find a cure or treatment for everyone suffering from MD. We want to thank everyone at AMS Vans for all their hard work every day to see that families like ours are being taken care of and their needs are met.”

We salute our man Steve at AMS Vans Houston and everyone in our organization who takes what we do every day a step further into the community! It’s how WE roll!