Annual Sporting Events for Athletes with Disabilities

If you're a person with a disability and are curious to watch or participate in annual sports competitions, then look at this list of nationwide disability sports competitions that we've compiled. Paralympics - The biggest sporting event in the world for athletes with disabilities is the Paralympics, a multi sport event immediately following the Olympics and also featuring teams from around the world. While this event is only bi-annual, the importance of the event itself makes it noteworthy by sports fans in a list of annual sporting events for those with disabilities. The Winter Paralympics were just held in 2010, and the next will open at the close of the 2012 Olympic Summer Games. The Summer Paralympics feature sports like wheelchair basketball, swimming, and track and field. Information can be found at Wheelchair Basketball - Wheelchair basketball was one of the first wheelchair adapted sports to be organized and regulated by a national organization. Every year regional, national, and worldwide championships are held around the globe in all three categories in the wheelchair basketball organization; Junior, Women’s, and Men’s. The 2010 National Championships are of particular interest to sports fans with disabilities because from the national games, the coaches for the 2012 Paralympic Wheelchair Basketball teams will choose the members of their teams. Extremity Games - For sports fans interested in extreme sports like BMX biking, skateboarding, and bocce, the Annual Extremity Games will be more up their alley. A version of the popular “X Games”, The Extremity Games are for athletes with disabilities, holding events year 'round. EXG spotlights one particular sport as well as annual “Main Events” like the novice competitions in June 2010, with championship games in all sports supported by the Extremity Sports Foundation. More Information can be found at Off-Road Handcycling World Championships - Handcycling is quickly becoming one of the most worldwide-popular sports for athletes with disabilities. Only a few short years ago, the sport was officially recognized at its own entity rather than a version of wheelchair racing. The Off-Road Handcycling World Championships, held in Crested Butte and hosted by the Adapted Sports Center of Crested Butte, are a high energy spin-off of handcycling on a structured track. The Championships consist of three races over two days, including a three mile hill climb, five mile cross-country race, and trails exhibition.You can view their official website at The Annual Disabled Sports Expo – This annual sporting event offers a different environment for sports fans. In addition to demo games, educational sessions taught by Paralympic athletes give sports fans an opportunity to interact with athlete superstars and play an array of sports for the handicapped like cycling, judo, kayaking, goal ball, power soccer, quad rugby, road racing, scuba diving, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair softball, and wheelchair tennis. Educational clinics are open to any sports fan regardless of age or disability. The Sports Expo is held annually in Arizona at the Arizona State Student Recreation Complex and is sponsored by the United States Paralympic Association.