Best Handicap Accessible Wheelchair Vacations

Best Wheelchair Accessible Vacations

A disabled family that is deciding on where to vacation or visit can be a difficult decision when you have to factor in the wheelchair accessible features that are often unknown before reaching the destination. Listed below are the Top Ten Best Wheelchair Accessible Vacations to plan.

1. Wheelchair Accessible Cruises

Cruise ships are outfitted with all the accessible accommodations you need including accessible cabins and activities for the disabled. Once the ship reaches its destination, the cruise line can make any special arrangements you may need to enjoy the destination and act as a resource to accessible friendly activities within the destination.

2. Disney World

Disney World is a family vacation spot that has accessible ride passes, wheelchair friendly ramps to each attraction, accessible resorts that have tons of accessible activities both in and out of the park.

3. Splash Beachfront Condos

These condos in Panama City Beach, Florida have wheelchair friendly beach front condos available for rent. These condos have fully accessible kitchens with lowered counter tops and bathrooms with roll in showers. This resort include entrance to a lazy river pool, water park, drive in movies, workout room, and game room, and two different pools that offer plenty of relaxation and lounging.

4. Handicap Accessible Camping in an RV

Accessible RVs are available for rental that allow disabled families to enjoy the great outdoors while staying in a RV that is outfitted with adapted showers, wheelchair friendly aisles, seating, and sleeping arrangements. – Wheelchair Accessible Campgrounds – Wheelchair Accessible RVs for Rent

5. Handicap Accessible NYC Tours

This group guides and designs fully wheelchair accessible tours in New York City. They researched all restaurants, facilities, and destinations to ensure that they are all handicap accessible.

6. Little Valley Mountain Resort

This resort offers handicap accessible cabins in the Smokey Mountain Area. They also have resources on accessible hiking, shopping, and eating for you to fully enjoy these beautiful mountains while staying in an accessible rustic cabin.

7. Barrier Free Berlin

Berlin has set up a new initiative to making the major attractions in the city wheelchair accessible. Berlin has a wealth of history sites covering German and European history plus many different malls and shopping areas. (some of the site is in German)

8. Accessible London

This is an all inclusive vacation in London with tours there and in the surrounding countryside. See famous sites like the Canterbury Cathedral and Stonehenge along with many other attractions.

9. Travel to Tokyo, Japan

The Japan Accessible Tourism website gives you tons of information about accessible locations all throughout the country.

10. South African Wheelchair Tours

Travel to the famous Kruger National Park, a private game reserve in Johannesburg South Africa. Epic Enabled offers scheduled tours, private and personalized itineraries to people with mobility, vision and hearing impairments. You have the ability to touch a wild cheetah, walk/wheel with lion cubs, and enjoy the famous sunsets as well as interact with the culture of a local Shangaan village and taste traditional food.

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    Another great company that offers wheelchair accessible tours is Family In New York! They offer custom private tours and one of their specialties is accessible tours! Family In New York can make sure your accessible New York vacation is a memorable one!

  2.'Melinda Bedolla

    My husband is wheelchair bound – he would love to go to New York – We went 3 or 4 years prior to 9/11. It’s been awhile. Do you have brochures or itineraries we can look at. – and perhaps include what we do for transportation while we are there- can we ride the sub ways = how exciting!! We could fly but we are looking into an older RV and having it equipped to fit my husband’s needs.- basically a large shower area. We’ll plan on hearing from you soon.

    Thank you.

    Bob and Gabby Bedolla
    Yorba Linda, Calfornia

    1. Sherri at AMS Vans

      Hi, Bob and Gabby. Thanks for reading the AMS Vans blog. We are not affiliated with any of the tour companies listed above, but if you were interested in the company that commenter “Liz” mentioned (Family In New York), it appears you can contact them directly through a form on their website here:
      Hope that helps, and much fun to you on your travels!

  3.'Henry Straub III

    The question I have ,is their bus tour’s for a person in a power wheelchairs? I have ALS and would like to see America. We have a accessible Van but my wife dose not like to drive long distantes. I would like my wife to enjoy a vacation as well without driving.

    1. Susan Hawkins

      Hi, Henry! Great question. We checked around, and there are some tour buses that can accommodate power wheelchairs. You’ll have to determine where you’d like to go and call the tour bus companies that serve the area to determine the ones which can accommodate your wheelchair. Thanks for following our blog!

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