Help Us Bring Assistive Equipment to Those in Need

Upon having his adaptive bike stolen, Beorn’s family (fondly known as Bubba) received an outpouring of support and generosity. While AMS Vans will be providing Bubba with a new Rifton Adaptive Tricycle, there are still many families and children like him in need. And, you can help.

Check out the recent news coverage on Bubba’s story:
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The Suzy Foundation is a charity especially close to Beorn’s family’s heart. The foundation specializes in helping to obtain assistive equipment for individuals with special needs – like this amazing bike.

To get involved, go to suzyfoundation.org

Bubba’s old bike, and the new lime green one that’s on the way, is made by a company called Rifton. You can learn more about Rifton and browse their adaptive trikes by clicking here.