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Stars Who Buy Handicap Vans and Cool Gifts for Disabled Fans

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”
― John Bunyan, English author

Anyone who has ever shopped for handicap vans discover one basic truth very early in their search: Handicap vehicles are expensive. (As are most automobiles in general.) For those who aren’t fortunate enough to qualify for grants or dealer financing, the idea of mobility freedom remains nothing more than a dream — a vision of what could be ‘if only’.

Which is why we love to hear stories of famous stars — athletes, entertainers, artists, musicians — generously purchasing handicap vans, wheelchairs, or other mobility equipment for their disabled fans in need. And it doesn’t have to be handicap vehicles. It might be cool gifts for special people that have a huge impact.

Either way, you can bet that if these people weren’t these stars’ biggest fans before, they most definitely are now. These stories remind us that there are times when those destined for greatness will stop and recognize the people that made them great.

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Handicap vehicles

Handicap vehicles donations from celebrities help achieve true mobility freedom.

Rappers and singers buy handicap vans and other goodies for fans

You’ve probably heard most recently that rapper Kendrick Lamar made a fan for life after one of his Dallas shows. Jennifer Phillips was rendered a quadriplegic after a serious car crash. After giving her a signed jacket, he made (and kept) a promise to buy the fan a handicap van.

Other rappers, singers, and entertainers have also changed the lives of disabled fans across the world:

Little Wayne. In 2010, the eccentric rapper spent $11,000 to purchase a fan’s ailing mother a motorized wheelchair — which allowed the mother an opportunity to leave her home and venture out into the world for the first time in decades.

Ed Sheeran. The English singer-songwriter, guitarist and record producer put on a private concert in early 2017 for one of his 11-year-old fans that suffers from Rett syndrome and a host of other complications.

Louis Tomlinson. In 2016, the 1Direction star sponsored a fundraiser to help purchase a collection of handicap mobility equipment for a young fan who also suffers from Rett syndrome — raising over $15,000 during the drive as well as treating the fan’s family to free concert tickets.

Handicap mobility equipment

Handicap mobility equipment donations can reach in the tens of thousands.

Athletes deliver, also — buying handicap vehicles and gifts for their fans

Indiana Pacers basketball star Paul George donated $10,000 to help the family of Daisy Esterline purchase her a wheelchair-accessible van. After meeting her and her family, George went quietly to her GoFundMe account and donated the funds in his name.

Here are some other examples of sports stars going above and beyond for the disabled community:

Brett Favre. Through the Miracle League of Green Bay, the Green Bay Packers football star has donated a wealth of wheelchairs and rubberized surfaces throughout the years to children who are physically and visually impaired.

Juan Mata. The star of the Manchester United soccer club in Spain jumped off the team bus en route to the Premier League championship match to give a personal greeting to a young wheelchair-bound fan and his father.

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