Circumstances Resolved

Where do the stories come from? How many times have I been asked and answered that question? Well, this story is just several different events that happened one right on top of another, so I decided to put them all together. They were circumstances that happened and with God’s blessings resolved themselves.

Now let me see. Where do I start? Over the past two years, I lost weight, walked some with a walker and made some major changes which included the purchase of the handicapped accessible van. Whew! No wonder I got tired and the multiple sclerosis reared its ugly head.

When I went for my six-month check up with my neurologist, I had to tell him I am not doing as well as I was at my last check up. At first I summed it up as stress but then through tests discovered that I had a urinary tract infection. After two rounds of antibiotics that was one resolved circumstance, but the weakness continued. So two weeks later, I called and ask my neurologist to try an infusion of solumedrol. With all the steroids over the years and the dilantin that I have taken since 1989, I have developed osteoporosis so it is best for me to avoid further steroids. But the day my vision blurred, I called and asked him to do a round of steroids anyway. He agreed to two days infusion therapy on an out-patient basis.

The first morning I was running early so I went by to pick up some greeting cards that a lady had offered for the soldier’ s card ministry. I had not planned to work on any more cards until after Christmas. I thought it might be good to take a break but something (or someone) encouraged me to pick up the cards because the weather was looking like I might be confined over the weekend. I knew I would want to keep my hands busy.

Well, I’m “chasing rabbits.” I think faster than I can write. After I picked up the cards and drove to the hospital for my first infusion, I told the nurse I should use the bathroom before we started. Even though there were handicapped rails, the toilet was not a raised one like I have at home. Because of the weakness, I had to pull the emergency cord and it took two nurses to get me back on my scooter. After an hour of solumedrol, it was amazing how much stronger I was. Another circumstance resolved!

When I got home, I couldn’t resist looking through all those cards. There were some of the largest most beautiful cards for Mother’s and Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, to Grandma and Grandpa or my wife or husband. I immediately started sorting them and realized that Valentine’s Day would arrive soon and this would be the right time to get those cards ready. Suddenly I knew why that voice encouraged me to go after those cards now instead of later. I called and told Mrs. Grubb how much those soldier’s wives and parents will appreciate those cards when they receive them. So it is card making time again!

The next morning the weather advisory did not sound good for me to go out but the IV had been left in my arm and I had no choice; I needed the treatment. Just as I started out to the van, I saw the first little pelts of sleet. Before I left, I prayed that God would hold the worse weather back until I returned home.

When I arrived where I usually park to make sure I don’t get blocked in the parking space, someone else had beat me to it. So where to go or what to do? Again, it was like someone told me it would be a good time to try the parking deck and the skywalk. Then if the weather got worse, I wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning off the windshield. Another circumstance resolved! God is so good! He leads and guides me in so many ways.

I took a nice nap through round two and decided to go to the same bathroom before going home. With two days of solumedrol, I was able to take care of myself. I debated about driving to Hap’s for a hamburger, or just eating in the hospital cafeteria. Again, I was led to not driving any further than necessary.

As I sat eating lunch in the cafeteria, a nice lady sat down to talk with me. She told me that I had no idea how every one of my stories had touched her in one way or another over the years. She has no idea how much that touches me when someone I don’t even know stops and makes comments like that. I showed her my books and she bought both of them. Talking with another Judy in my life (already have two friends named Judy) now gave me a warm fuzzy feeling on such a cold winter day.

Driving home I talked to the Lord and drove as safe as anyone can. I stopped and got my paper and mail out of the box and received a gift from my card friend, Debbie. Once again it was something to enjoy doing over the weekend. Debbie spent a lot of time preparing the materials for me to make a Christmas gift for my special friend, Lou. Boy, will Lou be surprised!

I got out of the van to a little more sleeting than when I had gotten in that morning, but I made it home just about fifteen minutes before the snow started. I had asked God to hold the bad weather back until I got home and He answered another prayer.

Going into my warm home reminded me of the first circumstance the day before I went in for therapy. My good friend, Donna, had bought me an early Christmas gift. It was one of the Hallmark musical snowmen. The following morning my gas logs wouldn’t start. I knew that I would really need that heat if the power went out, so I called Piedmont Natural Gas and explained my situation.

Within three hours the serviceman was here. There turned out to be just a minor problem. The fireplace needed four double AA batteries and neither of us had any of those. Well, my new snowman just happened to have exactly what we needed. Thanks again to Donna!

I can hear the wheels turning in some brains as folks are summing up how lucky I am. I have a story started about how “luck” is not in my vocabulary or lifestyle. These are blessings from God! Scripture tells us to “be content in all circumstances” and “to pray without ceasing.” God is good at all times!! He knows the plans He has for us and He’s the greatest at solving circumstances!