Disabled and a Veteran? Get a Free Segway.

Are you a veteran, disabled, and were serving on active duty on or after September 11, 2001? You can apply for a free Segway that is custom designed for your needs. Disability Rights Advocates for Technology, DRAFT, is made up of people with disabilities that refuse to be defined by their disability and have a passion for participating in life’s activities. They provide advocacy as well as education services as an advocate for the adoption of Universally Designed Technology Solutions. As part of their mission, they provide Segways for disabled veterans at no charge.


In order to qualify for a free Segway, you need to have sustained one or more of the following injuries:

  • Leg Amputation
  • Extensive Soft Tissue and Muscle Injuries
  • Traumatic Burn Injuries
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Neurological Injuries and Disorders

In addition, your permanent disability and difficulty walking must have resulted while serving under any one of these conditions:

  • Armed Conflict
  • Hazardous Service
  • Conditions Simulating War
  • Instrumentality of War
  • Combat Operation
  • Combat Zone

In order to apply, visit https://www.segs4vets.com










Segs4Vets is funded 100% by volunteers, and the charity has been awarded the Independent Charities Seal of Excellence. Of the 1,000,000 charities in the United States today, fewer than 50,000 meet the standards, and, of those, fewer than 2,000 have been awarded the seal.

The Secretary of the Army’s Public Service Award was presented to DRAFT’s founders for distinguished public service in providing outstanding support to our nation’s veterans through the Segs4Vets program. Segs4Vets has awarded more than 250 Segways to Veterans who were severely injured while serving our nation in Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom.


If you are a disabled veteran and want a free Segway, visit https://www.segs4vets.com to apply.

25 thoughts on “Disabled and a Veteran? Get a Free Segway.

  1. k4gam@cox.net'George A Marsh Jr

    I am a Vietnam Disabled vet. But VA refuses to recognize that I got Agent Orange, Acute Peripheral Neuropathy because I didn’t report it soon enough.I have been in a wheelchair for over 21 years. I think you all are doing a great job and I ask permission to add a link from my web page to yours. I want everybody that comes to my site to see what you all are doing for the Vets. God bless you all!

    1. Amelia at AMS Vans

      Thanks, George! We are doing our best – so glad you noticed! Absolutely you are welcome to add a link, and we’re sorry the VA doesn’t provide better care 🙁

  2. thomas.sr0075@sbcglobaal.net'Thomas Shannon

    I am A Disabled veteran,it’s very hard sometimes to get your message accross to the va,and other doctors just how bad your hurt!
    I was discharged in 1967,had a bad back from an injury in service but,worked for years before i just couldn’t do it any more and in 92 decited to go to the va for help.
    I was turned down because i had to prove my injury was in service.How many have been told no because your medical files were not accurate,or blacked out completly.
    Then,how many of us have been turned down because,the Doctor didn’t put in all the info needed to satisfy the va?
    I get 100% non service and care but not the compensation i deserved for my injury,i know there are at least thousands come under that catagory! I sufferd from two hart attacks,and sent home being told that i didn’t suffer a hart attack only to go to my local hospital and told that next day that i had already had two hart attacks,and working on my third one.
    I ended up haveing a five bypass in a hospital,other than the va.
    I know in my hart that the va can’t waite until i die so they don’t have to give me anything!!
    If i sound alittle p o’d,i am and i just hope the veterans comming home from war get alot better treatment than we did after viet nam !
    Thomas Shannon
    ps: I hope someone else has more to add to my little note!!!

  3. roho2002@hotmail.com'Randall Roberts

    I’m glad that DRAFT has the Segways4Vets Program for our disabled service-members coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan. They most surely deserve it. The VA itself ought to be giving these to qualified disabled Veterans.
    I do have to say this- I am disappointed that this organization only helps those disabled in our current wars overseas. A lot of Veterans, including myself, could and would greatly benefit by having a Segway, and would greatly appreciate it too. I understand wanting to take care of our recent combat Veterans, but there are also a huge number of Vets from 50 years of other conflicts- Vietnam, Korea, WW II, and
    the Operations in Grenada and Panama who could benefit. All of that plus the bastard children- the Veterans regarded as 2nd class who are hardly ever mentioned or credited for their service, with even the VA and Service Organizations barely acknowledging their existence- the Veterans disabled during so-called ‘peacetime service’ from the 50 years of the Cold War and beyond. I’m in this group. I served as an Infantryman from 1980-83 and performed my duties until it damn near killed me. They were going to cut my leg off at the hip but an experimental treatment allowed me to keep it with greatly reduced function. The problem was a blood clot extending from mid right thigh to a couple of inches below my heart. They used a 1950s clot buster and it bored a hole through the clot restoring enough circulation that I kept my leg. I wish to God that it had been shot off instead. ( If you don’t believe me about being regarded as 2nd class Veterans then try this- when someone asks you what war you were in simply answer that you served during ‘peacetime’. Watch the expression of the questioner as their entire attitude towards you changes and while they might stay polite they give you that ‘oh, you’re one of THOSE’ looks of disappointment and you can almost see the gears in their head erasing you from the ‘worthy of respect’ category. I’ve gotten that reaction from civilians and within the VA system WITHOUT FAIL. Even within the service orgs there is often that type of attitude though they still do their best for you.)
    I said all of that because I got the exact same feeling when I read the eligibility requirements to be able to participate in this program. Left out again like we are undeserving or don’t rate consideration. I know the same exclusion applies to everyone other than Veterans of the present conflict, but having experienced it for more than 25 years now it has become a sore spot for me and probably for others too.

    1. sullivan9173@bellsouth.net'Re, Randall Roberts

      Yes, Randall I am in the same situation, I am not looking for a free one necessarily but a relatively inexpensive Segway wheelchair. I have my VA ID card but when I moved to North Carolina and registeded 10 years ago I was promptly forgotten and I simply gave up on the VA for anything at all. I have my medicare and co insurances that is enough to deal with. I am just another angry Vet.

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  5. sssslick@sbcglobal.net'Kenneth E. Boyd

    I lost my leg in Viet Nam in 1968 and would like to aquire a segway so I don`t have to walk miles at work and shopping. I still don`t know why the VA won`t supply the segway for Viet Nam Vets. Thank You

  6. foreverme001@aol.com'James Woods

    I was a MARINE from 1961 to 1967. I have since become disable & have lost my right leg above the knee. I am 68yrs old but I am very active. This Sagway would allow me to be very active. Where do I go or who do I speak about applying for a Sagway

    1. Sherri at AMS Vans

      Hi, James. If you lost your leg while actively serving in any branch of the military on or after 9/11/2001, you qualify for this program. If you lost your leg before 9/11/2001, or if you were no longer on actively serving when you lost your leg, you do not qualify. It is a great program, but, as others have pointed out, it is very limited in its scope. You can find out more at their website: https://www.segs4vets.com

  7. troyaskew@gmail.com'troy askew

    segways for some but not for all, if you where disabled due to your military service and you have problems walking because of it you should also qualify for a segway to, i am glad that some vets are getting them tho.

  8. scano11b@yahoo.com'Sergio Cano

    Hllo i am a disabled veteran ive been to OIF and also OEF I extended my conctract for 12months to deploy to OEF and thats were i unfortunated to get hurt but it was an experience and also a true honor to protect the United States at all cost.
    Before i joined the army i was a outstanding athelete i played all sports in high school and went to SCSU for 1 semester i ran track&field i was a 4×800 and also 800meters and possibly 1 mile. Then i joined the ARMY and continued to run the honolulu martathon 2x and also ran the XTERRA trail world championship and Great Aloha run 2X and planned to do it in febuary but i got hurt.
    Me and 4 others got hit by a RPG (rocket propelled gernade)on jun 11,2011 and it took out the bottom half of the foot so i have mostly a prostetic left foot and heal and also got my colur bone and shoulder shattered and it is hard to push my wheel chair and not going to lie and also have little man syndrome when looked at. i also miss having the wind in my face as im running and wind through my hair in the summer time im also stationed at hawaii were i love to hike and take the beach walk way all up and down north shore and waikiki its amazing and i just learned how to stand so i have a cane and cruches and i tried my buddys segway and he is a double amputie but he sure as hell enjoys it so thank you. And as my fiance is trying to have a child of mine i would love to be able to run and chase my little man and also jog with Rachel my fiance. So if you can find the kindness in your heart to try to make me eligable to recieve a segway or even i would buy one if you guys had a military discount. I am currently at Walter REED medical center in Bethesda Maryland. And also have orders to go to the wounded warrior program in Hawaii, Oahu all of my friends/family is headed back home in marchand i would love to walk or segway into our deployment Ball as i recieve an award called the purple heart with my 4 buddies that also got injuired by the RPG team in Aganistan and would love to send you guys some pictures of us and me itll be really nice. Thank you for your time in reading my piece thanks again and i appreciate what all yous do to support the Military.
    Cpl. Cano,Sergio my phone # is 203-556-6167
    thank you once more

    1. Sherri at AMS Vans

      Hi Cpl Cano. Thank you for reading and for serving our country. We at AMS Vans do appreciate what you have given of yourself, and we do hope that you are able to get a free Segway. Unfortunately, we are not able to apply to the program for you, but there is an online form on the Segs4Vets website that should get the ball rolling. Here is the link to that form: https://draft.org/Default.aspx?TabID=72
      We hope that helps, and wish you well!

  9. dheim@live.com'David Heim

    I am a disabled veteran (service connected) I have AS and one of the syemtoms is that bone spurs have enlarged my hips to a point that then tendons are pulling away from my hips. This makes is very painful to [sit, the motion of sitting and getting back up, walking, etc] Standing is the least painful possition. Problem is that I was discharged in 1984 and the web says you must have served on or after 9/11. The segway would give so much to my life yet it appears that since I served earlier I do not even have a chance to qualify? To go to a park with my granddaughter alone would mean so much to me. So does my dates of service restrict my chances of even applying for one of these?

    Thank You,
    Dave Heim

    1. Sherri at AMS Vans

      Hi Dave, thanks for reading the AMS Vans Blog. We are not aware if this program can be extended to your situation or not, but you may find your answers by visiting the Segs 4 Vets website at https://www.segs4vets.com — their contact page also says they can be reached by phone at 800-401-7940, by Fax at 314-965-4956, and by mail at:

      Segs4Vets / Disability Rights Advocates For Technology
      500 Fox Ridge Road
      Saint Louis, Mo. 63131

      We hope you find the help you need!

  10. scoston@neo.rr.com'Scott

    Im a service connected disabled vet. whos in a chair. I love my country and everyone who served before and after me. Id love to have a seg. but according to the requirements your forgetting one thing. Those of us who served prior to your requirements and need help. Im sure theres alot of vets like myself who cant afford electric wheelchairs its bad enough i had to use scap pieces of wood just so i have a ramp to get off my porch. With the V.A. being how they are if you didnt take a bullet for the president your really not that important.

  11. ssimmons7519@charter.net'Stephen USMC

    I applied , what the hey, might get lucky…lol , right..I get so tired of everybody regegnizing vets after 9-11-2001 like vets prior dont exsist. and vets that were in during war time get more benefits than vets injured during peace time, it aint fair. yes i was in during peace time but i was injured doing training for war that took my legs from me just the same. war time disabled vets are no better than peace time disabled vets and disabled vets injured after 9-11-2001 are no better or deserving than disabled vets injured before 9-11-2001, ALL were injured serving the United States military and ALL deserve the SAME treatment, benefits and respect

  12. terryadodson@hotmail.com'Terry Allen Dodson

    I am a recently discharged veteran, and suffer from mobility issues stemming from my time in service, multiple injuries, to include a closed head injury from an MVA in 2001 while on active duty. I went on to serve for ten more years and I am paying for it now with joint pain from my many broken bones. I also have bone loss which is causing much of my pain issues. I currently have a 20% rating from the VA, and my case to get the rest is pending, I could use some financial help for a wheelchair, more so than a segway. Is there any foundations or do you provide wheelchairs for vets as well? I am a combat vet and have received injuries in combat zones during many classified operations. I am suffering now because many of those operations have yet to be declassified to release the medical records covering those injuries. Can you help me out?

    1. Sherri

      Hi Terry. Although we do not have information about how to get a wheelchair for your needs, there are a few foundations out there that might be of some assistance, if Veterans Affairs is not able to help. There is one called the Wheelchair Foundation, which says they are “a non-profit organization with a goal to provide a free wheelchair to every child, teen and adult worldwide who needs one, but has no means to acquire one.” Perhaps contacting them can get you what you most need? We hope that helps, and thanks for reading the AMS Vans Blog!

  13. vernontaylor@yahoo.com'Sgt Taylor, Vernon D

    To whom this may concern, about a couple months ago i had applied for a segway I was just checking to see what’s going on that. if you could contact me whenever you get a chance i would love that Thanks for your time.

  14. thomas.oshea9956@sbcglobal.net'Thomas O'Shea

    I must commend the Segway for Vets program allowing for Personal transportation devices for Disabled Veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq. What I don’t understand and heavily disagree with is the elimination of all other deserving Disabled Veterans that seriously need and deserve the same consideration. We deserve the same opportunity to be able to transverse the Urban and Rural environments. Are we not Disabled Veterans TOO. Just because our injuries were sustained prior to an infamous date on the calendar doesn’t mean we’re LESS disabled or deserving. Please reconsider you’re calendar limits on Veterans disabled prior to 09/11. We deserve to be able to GET AROUND too. Especially for those who are financially unable to afford the purchase of a Segway.

  15. alkubaisi1991.aa@gmil.com'Ahmed Alkubaisi

    Name: Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Kubaisi

    I am a young man 22 paralyzed parties marasmus Iraqi nationality injured in the war in gunshot in the back and I now live in America – California and I came to the refugees through the United Nations and I live by myself and I do not have anyone help me here and I have blisters in the back and now I am neither treated in hospital possible to help me in this wheelchair segway

    1. Susan Hawkins

      Hi, Ahmed–we’re so sorry you’re experiencing these problems. The government of California has a site where people with disabilities can find help. Click on the link and contact them. We also found this site for the state of California, which provides links to a number of disability-focused organizations in California. We hope this helps. Good luck!

  16. doctora.elsa@hotmail.com'Elsa

    Hola, mi esposo es discapacitado y tiene un Seg Way x 2, quisiera adaptarlo como silla de rueda. Me pueden dar alguna información de donde se puede hacer. Desde ya muchas gracias

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