Disabled Dogs for Adoption

There are many pets in the world that are disabled and need loving homes.  Thanks to places like PetswithDisabilities.org, many of these animals with blindness, amputation, paralysis, or other various conditions get a second chance.  These animals are usually difficult to find homes for as they require extra care, time, and sometimes money.  It takes a strong person with a good heart to live up to the challenge, but the love and affection received from these animals is often much more rewarding.  Are you this person?

These animals are available for adoption nearly all over the United States.

Scarlet and Orlandi – Phoenix Valley, AZ
Blind and Deaf  2 year olds

Monty/Montague – New Jersey
Hit by a Train, 2-3 year old Wheelchair Dog

Rebel – Terrytown, LA
Spinal Cord Injury Wheelchair Dog

Coffee – San Jose, CA
5 year old male believed to be hit by a car

Darla – PA
16 months old stepped on as a puppy

Hepburn – Danville, VA
3 years old 3 legged dog, tangled in a fence + bad care

Tucker – Maryland
4 years old, blind in one eye

To read the full stories and see the rest of the (many) disabled dogs for adoption, visit https://www.petswithdisabilities.org. You can view their list of disabled pets at the Southern Maryland shelter as well as view a listing of other disabled dogs available nationwide.


23 thoughts on “Disabled Dogs for Adoption

  1. entokc@netscape.net'Tracy davenport

    My husband and I would like to adopt a pwd dog. We live I’m Oklahoma city, okla. I am having a hard time finding a place like that. We have BIG HEARTS and would love to help a dog. Tracy Davenport. 405.317.5104. Thank you 

  2. bomfunkands@hotmail.com'Andy & Kelly

    Hi there,

    We are interested in Rebel, he is adorable and we are caring people who want to help. Our last dog was disabled and we feel we gave it a wonderful life.

    Let us know!

    Andy & Kelly

  3. sheriw425@yahoo.com'Sheri Williams

    Hello, I am very interested in Monty if he is still available, I rescued a German Shepherd from GSR of Tulsa in Feb & she has been a true blessing. My husband & I would love to help give another dog a loving home. Any info would be helpful on him, as we have a 7yr old son also. Thanks so much, Sheri

  4. jessyschantz@yahoo.com'Jessica

    I recently lost my staffie lab mix Bailey. She had a spinal disorder and was in a dog kart for the last yr. I miss her more than anything and know it takes a lot to care for these special angels. She changed my life and I would love to have another pwd to care for. She impacted my life so much all I want to do is care for the pups that others are unable to.

  5. ashley.browne.42@hotmail.com'Ashley

    I have a Beagle mix dog who woke up paralized, The vets said she would never walk again. I love her so much and she means so much to me. But Im a triple full time student and working all the time and I can not give her the attention she so much needs. I would love if I could find somebody around my area to have her so I can come see her!

  6. beckyw1347@yahoo.com'Becky

    IHello I have a Wheelchair cart that is brand new never taken out of box my dog passed away and it arrived a day later but again Eddies Cart custom made it for us here is the dimensions
    Male, neutered, 1/2″ neutral balance, swinging strrups, A-26, B-17, C-7, D-17, E- 10
    for 75-80 lb dog can use this. I live in houston, Texas

  7. connie_klink@hotmail.com'Connie

    Oliver is one of the most sweet and friendly dog you will ever meet. He is very social and will proudly roll up to any person or animal and say “hi.” Oliver had a back surgery that left him paralyzed from the waist down. Oliver is five years old, and he is very grateful to be alive. He does not let his disability hold him back and he always has an enthusiastic and cheerful disposition. Definitely not shy, he loves being around people, sitting on laps and having his ears scratched. His favorite activity is being outside and running around in his wheelchair. Oliver wants to know if Pets with Disabilities is interested in take care of him because my 22 years old daughter his owner could no longer care for him due to their work schedule changes. Oliver does well with other dogs and cats. He is neutered and current on all his shots. He also has his wheelchair and an stroller to take him out to the mall.
    We are located at south san Jose and we wonder what is the procedure to register Oliver in your wonderful program., to help him to find a new family.

    Thanks for your information, support and God bless you for your great mission.

  8. lomasdeborah63@gmail.com'Deborah Lomas

    Hello to all pet lovers! I am in Greenville, SC and there is a beautiful Corgi with a broken back “stuck” in the Greenville Humane Society here in Greenville, SC. He will need “wheels”. I am trying to reach out and find a good loving home for this little guy. Please let me know if you know ANYONE and will help anyway I can to get him to you. I have to act quick on this because you know he can’t stay long until his time runs out. I rescue dogs myself however, I cannot take anymore in. PLEASE HELP ME HELP THIS SWEET CORGIE! I can be reached at 864-244-8503 x 19. Thank you!

  9. ashleystout24@yahoo.com'ashley

    hey i am doing a service learning project 4 my school me and my group are in 8th grade we go to western seirra coligate academy and we want to find homes for dissabled dogs. if you can help us or give us advice that would be grate my cell is 1-916-316-9297 thanks

  10. logansmom_2009@hotmail.com'Melissa Smith

    I would love to open up my home to a dog with either a missing limb or blind. I live in Texas. Do you know of any animals like that in need in my area?

  11. grushandy@yahoo.com'andy grush

    To Mellisa Smith, I have a dog(Pitt Mix or full blood) who was hit by a car. I know the “Pitt” name is contriversial, but this dog has been nothing but sweet with me. He does however growl at the food bowl when my Labs are neer him, altough I don’t believe he would bite them, but feel obligated to disclose all the information I can about him . I believe he would make a wonderful one dog pet. I am struggling with the thought of putting him down. If you are interested please reply soon. I must either have his front left leg amputated or regretfully put him to sleep. He is approximately one year old. I am willing to absorb the cost of medical treatment to see him go to a good home. I rescued him fom the highway and have grown fond of him, but already have three dogs and two cats and not enough room. I am in Texas and are willing to travel with him to his new home or meeting place somewhere in between. Whatever arraingments you need. You may call me @ 903 707 5112. Thank you, Andy Grush

  12. tpagano04@yahoo.com'Todd

    I tried for months not to write this, but I’m looking to re-home my 3 1/2 year old French bulldog, Oliver. Oliver had spinal trauma last year and is now in a wheelchair as his rear hips simply do not work any longer. My wife and I are expecting our first baby and feel that Oliver deserves to go someone that will continue to give him all the love we do, but also give him the time he deserves. It breaks my heart to write this, but I won’t put him in a shelter and I won’t put him down. There’s too much dog left in this guy to give up on him… If anyone out there has the room for the happiest mutt on wheels – please reach out to me ASAP! We live in NJ but would consider any option to help him…
    Thanks, Todd

  13. bp10360@students.salisbury.edu'Brooke

    Tucker has been adopted! He is actually MY DOG! He is absolutely wonderful. Adopting disabled dogs is so amazing and rewarding. Our family couldn”t be happier 😀

  14. schabowski00@aol.com'Staci

    I am a proud mom of a 3 legged Boxer – believed to have been hit by a car and looking for another special dog.

    1. Sherri at AMS Vans

      Hi Shawna, thanks for reading the AMS Vans Blog. Because we reported on this story a while back, we are not sure of the status of those two cuties today. However, you can see a list of their currently available dogs on the Pets With Disabilities website by visiting their adoptions page at https://www.petswithdisabilities.org/adopt.html — or you can contact them directly by phone at 443-624-9270 or by e-mail at petswithdisabilities@comcast.net and they would love to assist you. Hope that helps you find some new wonderfully worthy additions to your family!

  15. Linz998@aol.com'Lindsay

    I have a boxer/hound mix approximately three years old. His name is Mumbles and I pulled him at the last minute from a gassing shelter in Ohio. We believe he was either hit by a car, stepped on or somehow squished, crushing his right hind leg and leaving him unable to walk correctly and control his urination. He does great in a belly band and loves playing outside. This is the happiest dog you will ever meet – he has so much life inside of him. My husband is in the AF and we have since moved to New Mexico. We have nine dogs including him and he is not getting the care/time he needs. I am happy to answer any questions about him. He would do best in a family with older kids and no cats. He is wonderful dog – just needs someone with patience and a huge heart. My email is Linz9982@aol.com if you have any interest.

  16. jenbigbear@gmail.com'Jenny Shelton

    We are a snall rescue group 3hours outside of Los Angeles. We have a 11 week old puppy with disabled back legs. The vet says they have feeling in them but they do not have knees that bend. He is absolutely adorable. He scoots all over but his legs are getting sores on them. I need help from someone that can give him a good home and can get a wheel chair for him .Please contact me if you can be of help. Jenny

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