Disabled People at Risk of Crime

A report was just released by the US Department of Justice that found people with disabilities were victims of 716,000 violent crimes and 2.3 million property crimes in 2007. The report was done by Michael Rand and Erika Harrell of the Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Mr. Rand and Ms. Harrell found that women with disabilities were the most at risk, however both genders with disabilities were more apt to be victimized than those without a disability. The report also found that people with disabilities were more likely to be victimized by people they were not close to.

This report is the first study done to compare these crime rates, and to many the results are very disturbing. However, those who work in this field are not surprised by these numbers.

Organizations like the International Coalition of Abuse and Disability hear of many cases every day where disabled people are victimized. Although some of these cases make the news, many of them are never in the public spotlight.

People with disabilities are 1.5 times more likely to be victims of violence than people who are not disabled. Hopefully the report will bring awareness to this issue.

Source: US Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics 2007 Crime Against People with Disabilities Report