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3 Reasons Why You Must Shop Factory Direct Handicap Vans for Sale

Every time a product passes through a new set of hands, it must increase in price to create a new profit. Handicap vans for sale are no exception. Here are 3 reasons why buying from a factory direct source, or authorized dealer, guarantees you get the best product version for the lowest price possible.

The ‘middleman’ is responsible for driving up the costs of goods and services sold around the world. With some products, this connection between seller and buyer is necessary, due to distance or rarity. However, handicap vans should never fall into the clutches of the middleman. AMS Vans is a factory direct seller.

Wheelchair accessible vans

Wheelchair accessible vans feature the latest in adaptive mobility equipment

Get the absolute lowest prices on a wide selection of handicap vans

If you know anything at all about the path of a product from manufacturing to delivery, then you’re probably aware of the middleman markups. Every time the product moves from one hand to another, each organization must a profit from the sale. That small percentage increase is passed along to you several times and shows up in the final price.

However, when you select handicap vans for sale directly from the manufacturer or an authorized dealer, you eliminate all of the extra fees and enjoy the lowest price possible for your vehicle. Because AMS Vans is a factory direct retailer, we typically save our customers an average of $10,000 or more.

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Wheelchair vans

Wheelchair vans are more affordable when you cut out the middleman.

Benefit from unsurpassed product knowledge and buying guidance

Buying a wheelchair accessible van might be one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make in your lifetime. That’s why the company you choose to do business with should have the expertise to match your level of commitment.

There are a couple of problems with trusting a third party to find you an accessible vehicle:

  • Lack of product knowledge. While they might know where to look, they most likely don’t know enough about the vehicle to answer your question
  • Inability to offer guidance. Without product knowledge — and knowledge of your unique challenges — their ability to help guide your purchase is limited

AMS Vans has over 20 years of experience manufacturing and delivering quality handicap vans for sale to over 12,000 customers — delivering the product knowledge and buying assurance of a true leader in the industry.

Wheelchair vans manufacturer

A wheelchair vans manufacturer eliminates many fees and upcharges.

Count on greater accountability and blue-ribbon customer service

When you have an issue with your vehicle, there’s nothing more frustrating than to be redirected to a different organization for assistance. Third parties are notorious for passing the buck once they’ve made their cut of profits on your sale. Because they focus on volume alone, there’s no real incentive for them to support you once you’ve signed on the dotted line.

The AMS Vans Advantage extends for several years and thousand of miles after the sale. In the unlikely event you have a problem with your van, we provide timely service at our campus service center — or we can set up a repair appointment at your local shop with your favorite mechanic.

AMS Vans boasts the most affordable handicap vans for sale at the lowest prices nationwide. Discover the power of buying factory direct from the manufacturer/dealer — including in-house financing — to save you thousands of dollars on your purchase.

About AMS Vans

America’s Mobility Superstore is a national wheelchair accessible van dealer and manufacturer with a mission to deliver the industry’s best wheelchair accessible vans and adapted mobility equipment that meet the unique needs of our specially-abled customers at a price they can afford.