Wheelchair Vans with Lifts

What does the Ford Transit van with mobility conversion do better than any other wheelchair accessible vehicle?

Most wheelchair accessible vehicles do just one or two things very well. Some are known for a great deal of interior room. Others offer multiple configurations for versatile adaptations. And, some mobility conversions boast handling and maneuverability. But the Ford Transit van can do it all.  

Combination of style and substance: Unique features that now come standard

Perhaps the most critical consideration for any full-size wheelchair conversion van is its versatility. The new Ford transit van has been reconsidered and reconfigured to meet a variety of transportation possibilities.

  • Room for everyone and everything. Ford Transit has enough room for multiple passengers and wheelchairs — depending on internal seat configuration
  • Car-like handling. The Transit model is characterized by easier maneuvering and tighter turning for a more pleasurable driving experience
  • Convenient rear, manual doors. Straightforward in-and-out loading and unloading process without complicated electronic parts

Ford Transit Wheelchair Vans

It’s important to remember that either rear-entry or the side-entry lift conversion offers wheelchair users the potential to sit in the front seat — depending upon the layout configurations — or to drive the vehicle with the appropriate 6-way turning seat and hand control adaptations.

The adaptable vehicle to fit your needs: Mobility extras to enhance your experience

Another strong feature of the Ford Transit wheelchair accessible van is its ability to take on an entire range of mobility equipment upgrades that will personalize your travel experience to meet your special needs and abilities.

  • Jump Seats. To provide extra passenger seating
  • Wheelchair Securing. Via the EZ-Lock or Qstraint QLK-150 electric lock add-ons
  • Gurney-style Bedding. For reliable non-emergency medical transport

Whether you’re looking for a safer or roomier ride, the Ford Transit van delivers with standard features and a menu of add-ons to customize your vehicle.

The ultimate non-emergency medical transport vehicle: Commercial or private

Whether you’re an individual patient or caregiver with frequent medical visits to make — or a commercial company providing safe transport services to the special needs community — the Ford Transit wheelchair accessible van makes a strong case for the perfect non-emergency medical transport vehicle.

Ford Transit Wheelchair Vans with Lifts

The right mobility freedom provider — such as AMS Vans — can help you to complete your mission with an affordable purchase of a quality adaptable vehicle that meets your needs, whatever they may be.

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