Hand controls on a Maserati?

Are you tired of being given a list of things that you can’t do?

Well we here at AMS Vans, Inc. are about to give you something to add to the list of things you can do!


That’s right! And you don’t have to get rid of the car you love in order to do it!

AMS Vans, Inc. offers a long list of MPS, MPD, Viegel, and Sure Grip hand controls! On top of that, we also will install Sure Grip, MPS, MPD, and Viegel extensions as well as various different types of spinner knobs to fit your unique need!

HAudiand controls help you get back on track to your freedom by helping you drive independently using alternative methods! Our mobility equipment expert works with you to determine your requirements.

Extension controls are designed to place everything back to within your reach! They can make the every day task of operating your vehicle more convenient by providing you the leverage you need, where you need it!

Spinner knobs assist in operating a steering wheel! This simple attachment is placed on your steering wheel. You grip it and drive! Simple as that. They are adjustable and removable, too! We offer a variety of different types of spinner knobs, from V-grip or Tri-Pin to Foam Grip or Ball grip and even amputee rings– all based on the type of grip you will need!


Even better– you don’t necessarily need to trade in your favorite hot rod for a minivan!

AMS Vans has installed driving aids in Porsches, Audis, and even Maseratis!

If you come in today, you can talk to our mobility experts about what independence you are wanting and they’ll help you figure out + install what you need to achieve it!

Give us a call at 877-621-4029!

You can also visit our showroom at 6275 Lawrenceville HWY Tucker, Ga, 30084!!