Hello Kitty Wheelchair and Maternity Hospital

Hello Kitty is a world-wide phenomenon, and little did we know that the kitten caters to so many more industries than just fashion.

Hello Kitty Wheelchair


Previously featured on the Hello Kitty website, the Hello Kitty wheelchair has interchangeable spoke-guards, a pink frame, soft gray rubber, and a pink print with you guessed it, Hello Kitty.


It is not known if this will be a real product for sale on the retail level, and as far as we can see, the product has been removed from the website.

Hello Kitty Hospital

In Taiwan, there is also a hospital that features a Hello Kitty hospital for expectant mothers. Converted to Hello Kitty in 2008 in Yuanlin, Taiwan at the cost of 3 million dollars, the 30 bed facility is authorized by the company’s parent company,  Sanrio. Doctors hope that the fuzzy cat will ease mothers burdens of childbirth and being in the hospital as well as bring in more sales.

Hello Kitty Hospital 01

Hello Kitty is all over the hospital including whiskers given to newborns, stamped on the birth certificate, pink kitty uniforms for employees, room decor, linens, a life size statue in the lobby, and they even dress you in clothing to match.







The hope is that the kitty will bring a smile to otherwise frightened faces.  It is well known that smiling and laughter help patients recover faster.

This video is not in English, but it gives you a firsthand look of the Hello Kitty Hospital.

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    Your site is verry verry supper,,,
    Expensive for you and thank you,,,
    I love your site and I love you hello kitty

  2. dream_high03@yahoo.com'Moneka Oliver

    My daughter is 11 with Kabuki sendrum. She loves hello kitty. I wish she had the option to have a hello kitty printed wheelchair. And when she visits the hospital for procedures and doctors appointments she would be surrounded by hello kitty. This is awesome. United States needs one of these hospitals for kids!

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