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Holiday Travel Tips for Wheelchair Community

Traveling for the holidays? Going to your son’s house to see his family? Ditching to cold to relax in Hawaii on Christmas morning?

Well, we here at AMS Vans LLC, know how finding good wheelchair transportation can make the holidays harder than they need to be.

In the midst of booking flights or hotel accommodations, it’s important to check on a few things!

  • Book your transportation from and to the airport ahead of time! Wheelchair accessible vehicles like taxis and buses are usually not just something you can flag down last minute. You can even go through your hotel for recommendations of transportation companies they partner with!
  • When purchasing flights, inquire about wheelchair accessible seating! It’s best to know what you’ll be getting before you book your ticket instead of making it to the gate only to discover that it isn’t a wheelchair accessible flight.

When it comes to living arrangements while you are out of town, it’s important to:

  1. Make sure that the hotel you wish to stay at is wheelchair accessible or that you can at least get a wheelchair accessible room!
  2. If you are staying with family, they have either already made their home wheelchair accessible for your visits or you can easily send over a roll-a-ramp to make it up any front steps! (Most interiors of homes are generally wheelchair accessible).

It also might be a good idea to book accommodations through a travel agency! There are plenty of wheelchair travel traveling agencies that are knowledgeable and happy to help you book your trip for the holidays!

BE PREPARED so that you don’t have to worry about your holiday travel experience! Make sure that your wheelchair is in good working condition before you head out of town for the holidays!

If you don’t already own a wheelchair accessible van and want to make holiday road trips easier, then AMS Vans LLC, is here to help! We offer van rentals out of our Atlanta and Houston locations! If you would like to receive a quote for how much renting a van for your holiday season costs, then visit wheelchair van rental to play around with our rental calculator! And hurry, because our rentals book up FAST!

You can choose from a selection of our wheelchair accessible minivans for rent with either a side or rear entry ramp, at affordable rates:

Daily: $125.00 ($125.00)
Weekly: $100.00 a day ($700.00)
Monthly: $83.33 a day ($2,500.00)
[plus tax; rates may differ in Texas]

Rental includes 100 miles per day
(additional mileage @ $0.30/mile,
OR an additional 100 miles @ $30.00).

A the end of the day, you should be enjoying your holiday, not stressing about it! So clear up any worry by planning ahead and staying in the know!!