Accessible home ideas

The Smartest Household Hacks, Tips, and Tricks for Accessible Living that You’re Likely to See Today

The goal is simple: increase accessible living and decrease effort and reliance. So for individuals with special needs and abilities, sometimes it’s the most direct solutions that provide the greatest degrees of mobility and accessibility in everyday life. Therefore, these household hacks, tips, and tricks are a great place to start.

Making repetitive movements shorter and easier for every room

Half-steps for Elevation. First, accessible living easily made from common materials. Half-steps can be created for just about every type of regular staircase in your home. Simply build rectangular boxed platforms of varying heights and include non-skid strips for traction. Then paint or stain to match the room decor. Perfect for moving from entry areas to main areas, as well as for garages and porches.

Grab-and-Pull Bars. Next, these are must-haves for improved accessibility and mobility. Wrought-iron drawer pulls fit conveniently in door frames, while 12-inch suction cup mount grab bars are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. Also, keep in mind that grab-and-pull bars are designed for balance and stability — not full body weight bearing.

Mobile Stairlift. Although these can be pricey, they’re perfect for a multi-level home when mobility is an issue. So look for used models that are still under warranty. Use the stairlift for individuals or for moving bulky or heavy objects up and down the stairs.

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Life hacks that make everyday difficulties easier to manage

Conserving Energy. Accessible living ideas include cooking food in bulk in a crock pot to conserve movement and cleanup. Use paper products to reduce dish washing. And schedule your most energy-consuming tasks for the times of the day that you have the most energy.

Shorter, Spacious Counters. Also, this is a potential DIY project that will make a huge difference in kitchens, offices, and garage areas. Encourage freer mobility and room to cook or work by taking several inches off the top of counter top spaces — and leaving several feet between adjoining pieces.

Improving Motor Coordination. For special needs individuals with accessible living issues concerning fine motor coordination, Velcro clothing fasteners help with dressing, clothing loops assist in pulling pants up and on. Also, Velcro fasteners attach mobile devices for easy viewing.

Accessible home tips

A chair lift can carry people or objects between floors.

Making accessible living home tools with small adjustments

Faucets, Door Handles and Light Pulls. First, encourage freer mobility and room to cook or work by making these items adaptable to a variety of special needs and abilities. Almost all big box home improvement stores carry appropriate hardware for conversions.

Small Electric Appliances. Then, from food cutters to can and jar openers, a collection of small electric appliances can make a huge difference for special needs individuals in the kitchen. So remember to lower storage areas for easy access and replacement.

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