Should Diabetes Be Classified a Disability? Depends On Who You Ask

Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor is finding support from more than two dozen disability organizations because of her judicial track record and her personal experience with diabetes. Organizations including the American Association of People with Disabilities and the National Disability Rights Networks are sending letters of endorsement to the Senate asking for her confirmation. They say that it isn’t her track record alone that allows her to understand the rights of a person with disabilities, but the fact that she has diabetes as well.

Sotomayor was nominated by President Obama in May and is awaiting confirmation from the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Senate. Hearings began this morning, and you can follow along several ways:

Does the fact she has diabetes make her more sympathetic to the rights of a person with a disability? Should that be used as a factor during her confirmation hearings? Or should it rest solely on the cases she has heard and her ability to follow the constitution?

Update July 28: The Senate Judiciary Committee will be voting on the confirmation of Judge Sotomayor today at 10am ET. The committee is planning on streaming the proceedings here:

What do you think? If she should become the first Latino (and third female) justice today, what would you like to see her focus on?