Naki’o: the ‘Bionic’ Dog

Naki'o: the 'Bionic' Dog

Naki’o has the energy and spirit of any puppy — he’s playful, loving, and beyond adorable, but one thing sets him apart from the rest of the litter: Naki’o has four prosthetic paws. The custom-made prostheses were created for this puppy after losing his paws to the harsh Nebraska winter.

Naki'o and Owner Christie Pace

The young puppy was found in the basement of an abandoned home with his paws frozen in a puddle on the cold concrete floor. Naki’o was the only puppy out of his litter that found his way to the icy water.

Naki'o's Baby Picture

After he was adopted by Christie Pace, Naki’o showed the determination to enjoy life despite all that had happened to him. His desire to live led his new family to raise money to have new paws made for the energetic puppy. Nakio’s family was able to raise just enough money to give Naki’o back two of the four paws he lost.

The Bionic Dog

Naki’o’s new paws were made by a Denver company called OrthoPets that specializes in pet prosthetics. The prosthetic paws allowed the puppy to move with ease; however, he was still having problems with his other two legs. The owner of OrthoPets, Martin Kaufmann, was so impressed by Naki’o’s willpower to use all four of his legs he decided to outfit Naki’o with two more prosthetic paws free of charge.

The Bionic Dog

This pup is the first dog ever to be fitted with a full set of bionic legs that allow for natural puppy movement like running, jumping, and playing fetch. Before Naki’o received his new paws, he had to take frequent breaks from playing and be carried by his family or wheeled around in a stroller. Naki’o’s newfound mobility has given him the ability to play longer and enjoy more of life. This canine’s success story marks a milestone in veterinary medicine and gives hope to the future of animals everywhere.