New Shopping Basket for Manual Wheelchair Users


A group of engineering students at Stevens Institute of Technology have redefined the way manual wheelchair users go to the grocery store. The Biomedical Engineering Senior Design Team has invented a motorized shopping basket for sale or lease to large grocery stores that will allow manual wheelchair users to easily navigate the aisles of the store, as well as make large shopping trips, all while using their own wheelchair.

Dr. Arthur Ritter, Program Director for the Biomedical Engineering gave the team, comprised of Greg Bremer, Gabriella Reyes, Samantha Samuel, and Ben Scatuorchio, the idea of inventing a better wheelchair attachment for use as a shopping basket. After assessing the current tools available to wheelchair users in a grocery store, the team decided to go in a different direction and rethink the basket itself.

With grocery store options currently limited to the motorized scooter with a small basket or full-size shopping carts that are difficult to use effectively, the only other option for wheelchair users wishing to use their own wheelchairs is to balance small baskets on their laps or hang bags behind their chairs. None of those options, however, assist a wheelchair user who wants to go on a large shopping trip.

To overcome this obstacle, the Senior team developed a motorized basket that acts as a tool rather than a mode of transportation. The device, known as “The Revolver” due to the basket’s rotating feature when groceries are deposited, allows the shopper to utilize the entire space of the larger basket. Both the dimensions and power capabilities meet the needs of shopping from a wheelchair and exceed the Americans with Disabilities Act standards.

Currently, “The Revolver” is being marketed to large supermarkets that exceed $2 million in profits per year. The baskets can either be sold or leased. The device is much less expensive when compared to offering customers less desirable options currently available, and the baskets even offer space for advertisements, further lowering their cost to the supermarkets.


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    1. Sherri at AMS Vans

      Thanks for reading the AMS Vans Blog! Unfortunately, we have no further information on this as we are only reporting on this shopping basket here. If you would like to contact the creators of it, however, their press release states that you can call Christine del Rosario at the Stevens Institute of Technology at 201-216-5561. There is also more information about their wheelchair shopping basket invention at this link:

  1.'Felix Miller

    Hi; I am looking for a basket for a manuel wheelchair; every time I try to fine one they show me every thing eles but a basket for a manuel wheelcahir; Do you people unstanderstand what I want????

    1. Susan Hawkins

      Hi, Felix—sorry you’re having so much trouble finding a basket for your manual wheelchair. Our expertise is in wheelchair accessible vans, but I was curious to see why you’re having so much trouble getting what you need. Since you don’t clarify where on your wheelchair you want the basket to be attached, it’s hard to know exactly what you’re looking for. Is this for grocery shopping? Would the basket attach somehow to the front of your personal wheelchair? I did an Internet search for manual wheelchair baskets, and I found a company that makes baskets for manual wheelchairs, though it might not be what you had in mind. Perhaps if you called the wheelchair basket company and explain what you’re looking for, they might be able to point you in the right direction. I wish we could be of more help. Please let us know if you do find the ideal basket for your needs. Thanks for following our blog!


        up front. to be able to shop on my on. I see pictures of them but I can not order one; as for as them on the back of the chair no way even if I have help; UP FRONT WHERE IT BELONGS

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