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New Stand Up Kids’ Wheelchair a Game-Changer

Young Wheelchair Users Can Stand Tall

There have been a lot of innovations lately in adding style and performance to the traditional electric wheelchair, some of which turn the device into an all-terrain vehicle, others which make wheelchairs look like hot rods. All have some sort of amazing innovation that makes the wheelchair actually a pretty cool thing to have. Now, however, Mybility has unveiled what may be the coolest innovation of all.

Up until now, most of the best wheelchair-related innovations have been for adults. The new Mybility chair is the very first stand up, all terrain wheelchair on the market that is specifically designed for children starting at age 6, with the capability to last through adulthood. The company has scaled down its specialized “stand up” seating system to fit the needs of kids, and the device comes with a 10-year frame warranty.

It’s also completely scalable, meaning it can be easily converted to fit the child’s growing body throughout the chair frame’s estimated 10-year lifespan. The result is a wheelchair that will allow your child to keep up with peers in sports, games, school activities and play. The seat is specially designed to allow for sitting, standing, or even laying positions, and includes a riser so that the child can reach high shelves and tables.

The Mybility chair, designed by world-class Scandinavian engineers using advanced cutting-edge technology, is a performance device as well as a feature-filled one. The chair has four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering capabilities. It can navigate grass, mud, cobblestones, even steep slopes and high curbs, snow and sand. It can navigate tight corners and is easy on carpets and floors when inside. The chair meets European Union safety standards for vehicle chairs, and the company is able to restrict the speed for younger children or those of limited ability to control the chair.

There are two types of attendant controls for the wheelchair, allowing for a party other than the chair’s user to control and steer the device. The first of these is a second joystick, installed on the back of the chair. The second uses a wireless remote with a proximity detector. This remote and detector can be used to keep the child within what you deem a safe distance. If the chair moves beyond this safe distance, it stops functioning.

With a range of extras included as standard features, such as knee braces, chest harness, and footrests that compensate for range, this chair is certainly a high-end one-of-a-kind device, and it comes in several kid-inspired colors. Other manufacturers are going to be racing to catch up. It currently appears to be available only in the UK, but it’s not a stretch to think it will available worldwide soon. Everyone will be keeping their eye on this one. Like most high-end mobility equipment, the Stand Up wheelchair for kids has a price tag to match—though the cost includes a trainer who will give your child detailed instructions on its use. Here’s a video showing the stand-up chair being used by an adult on the beach. Let’s have your review!


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