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Buying a handicap accessible van is a defining moment in the life of an individual who wants manageable mobility beyond the wheelchair. We have handicap vans for sale, and we want to ensure the process—from the moment it begins—is as smooth as possible. When you purchase a wheelchair van from us, the process never truly ends, because you become part of the AMS family. Just like family, we stay in touch and care about your happiness.

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Mobile accessibility

Mobile Accessibility Elude Rideshare Programs: Wheelchair Riders Left Stranded, Confused

The rideshare revolution is in full swing. But with all of the democratic ways to get about town, the special needs community is often left stranded. Find out why mobile accessibility rideshare options are scarce. Learn what the courts have to say. And, discover new mobile accessibility rideshare mod must-haves.

The United States has a tongue-in-cheek tradition of being slow to adapt new technologies to minority populations — even the second most populous minority in the land. So, it should be no surprise that the wheelchair riders routinely miss out on new mobile accessibility rideshare technologies.

Today, we examine the issue of rideshare mobile accessibility — from the streets to the courts to the future. Continue reading

Rear-entry wheelchair accessible vans

Rear-entry wheelchair accessible van benefits that deserve your attention

You’re thinking about purchasing a special needs vehicle. You ask yourself the question: What kind of van — rear-entry or side-entry — should I buy? Because knowing is half the battle, we’ll rundown the benefits of the rear-entry wheelchair access vehicle that make this a smart choice for adaptable mobility.

Wheelchair accessible vehicle technology has created some unique rear-entry access designs. When you get a quick look at the primary elements of the rear-entry van, you might decide that this is a special needs vehicle worth owning. Continue reading

Side-entry wheelchair accessible vans

Why side-entry wheelchair accessible vans are creating a buzz in mobility

Individuals with special needs who are in the market for a new vehicle have a choice to make — rear-entry or side-entry. While the answer depends on your unique abilities, you should know that the side-entry wheelchair accessible is trending right now. Here’s more on what all the buzz is about in the world of adaptable mobility.

Side-entry wheelchair accessible van technology is giving special needs individuals travel possibilities that they never considered before. The configuration elements of this popular conversion style might just get your attention enough to make you pull out your wallet. Continue reading

Wheelchair accessible van rentals

AMS Vans makes wheelchair accessible van rentals easy and affordable

Everyone gets cases of cabin fever from time to time. But just the thought of renting a wheelchair accessible van — with the hassles of paperwork and inevitable expense — can be enough to keep you from making a move. That’s why AMS Vans has streamlined the process and made the whole thing remarkably affordable.

Life is tough when everything is going well. The process of renting an adaptable mobility van shouldn’t make things any harder — especially when you get the urge to get out of the house and see the world. But AMS Vans has solved the challenges of the hassle-free van rental. Continue reading

special needs technology with bionic spinal cord implant

5 Futuristic Special Needs Technology Advancements That You’ll Just Have to See to Believe

Thought-driven bionic limbs. Eye-controlled computers. Advances in social robotics. With more awareness and funding available for special needs individuals than ever before, the cutting-edge of assistive and adaptive technology is a sight to behold. Here are 5 of our favorite special needs technology advances.

1. Introduction of the first bionic spinal cord

With recent successes in bionic limbs that include thought-controlled legs and arms, a team of Australian scientists — backed by a $2.5M sponsorship from the U.S. Army — is attempting to develop the first thought-controlled bionic spinal cord to assist soldiers with disabilities.

The implant will empower the user to control robotic limbs using only their thoughts for a period of five years. In fact, the signal has the capacity to control not only a robotic limb, but a mobile device, mobility device, or exoskeleton. Continue reading

Accessible home ideas

The Smartest Household Hacks, Tips, and Tricks for Accessible Living that You’re Likely to See Today

The goal is simple: increase accessible living and decrease effort and reliance. So for individuals with special needs and abilities, sometimes it’s the most direct solutions that provide the greatest degrees of mobility and accessibility in everyday life. Therefore, these household hacks, tips, and tricks are a great place to start.

Making repetitive movements shorter and easier for every room

Half-steps for Elevation. First, accessible living easily made from common materials. Half-steps can be created for just about every type of regular staircase in your home. Simply build rectangular boxed platforms of varying heights and include non-skid strips for traction. Then paint or stain to match the room decor. Perfect for moving from entry areas to main areas, as well as for garages and porches. Continue reading

Wheelchair Vans with Lifts

What does the Ford Transit van with mobility conversion do better than any other wheelchair accessible vehicle?

Most wheelchair accessible vehicles do just one or two things very well. Some are known for a great deal of interior room. Others offer multiple configurations for versatile adaptations. And, some mobility conversions boast handling and maneuverability. But the Ford Transit van can do it all.  

Combination of style and substance: Unique features that now come standard

Perhaps the most critical consideration for any full-size wheelchair conversion van is its versatility. The new Ford transit van has been reconsidered and reconfigured to meet a variety of transportation possibilities. Continue reading

Accessible Vacations Amenities To Meet Your Special Needs

8 Must-have Accessible Vacations Amenities To Meet Your Special Needs

When it comes to accessible vacations, there are a few specific amenities that simply must be considered before you go. The best wheelchair and handicap accessible vacations start with attention to the following adaptation details.

This blog is for the newly-initiated into the world of special needs accessibility. Until the entire world is created with special needs individuals in mind, you’re probably spending additional time planning accessible vacations that ensure potential destinations adequately meet your unique disability. The AMS Vans family has created the following checklist of 8 must-have amenities to verify exist at your next holiday locale. Continue reading

Mobility Equipment

Know the Worth of Your Wheelchair

If you want a good thing to last, you have to give it some TLC, right?

You eat clean so that your body stays happy and healthy. You call your best friend every day so that your relationship can stay in tact and flourish. You sit in front of your TV screen mimicking the moves of a hippie yoga instructor that you’ve never met so that you can keep your blood pumping. Continue reading