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What Most Influences the Price of Wheelchair Van Conversions?

As you might expect, there is no single answer to this question. Unlike traditional cars and trucks, wheelchair van conversions have several additional mechanical systems that add cost. That’s why it’s important to identify the various elements that affect price to determine where the smartest places are to spend your money.

While they certainly have their differences, traditional vehicles and adaptable mobility vehicles have a common thread — they’re both high-dollar purchases. Wheelchair van conversions are investments in the tens of thousands of dollars that deserve careful consideration and planning. The final purchase price can vary widely based on the following characteristics.

Wheelchair conversion vans

The type of wheelchair van conversions you select

One of the primary influences on overall vehicle price is the type of modification you select. Your modification depends on several factors, some of which include your special needs and unique abilities, as well as the level of mobility freedom you wish to achieve.

Types of modifications available to you include:

Side-entry conversion. This conversion is generally the more expensive of all options, allowing for side-entry into the vehicle as well as front passenger and driving access for wheelchair users

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Rear-entry conversion. This is typically the most affordable of the wheelchair van conversions, with wheelchair users entering through the rear of the vehicle and sitting in the middle portion of the interior.

Driver’s seat modification. Another area that can get pricey rather quickly is the driver’s seat modification, depending on your specific physical limitation and the devices required to make this area adaptable

Wheelchair conversion

The condition of the vehicle and wheelchair van conversions you select

Since wheelchair van conversions are made up of two distinct elements — the van itself and its conversion — the condition of the entire vehicle is judged and communicated with each of these elements in mind. Keep in mind that the newer the element, the more expensive its cost.

A wheelchair van and its conversion are typically described in three grading categories:

New-New. New vehicle with new conversion — the higher priced vehicle offering

Used-New. Used vehicle with new conversion — usually the primary, affordable category offering

Used-Used. Used vehicle with used conversion — the most affordable vehicle offering

Also, paying more for a newer vehicle or conversion might make more financial sense in the long run as newer equipment tends to last longer in most cases.

Other factors that lead to fluctuations in pricing

There is an entire range of add-ons, upgrades, and options that can have small to significant influence on the final price of wheelchair van conversions.

Wheelchair tie-downs/locking systems. Secures the wheelchair user into the vehicle

Wheelchair lift systems. For loading and unloading the wheelchair user

Extended warranty. Provides service coverage in the case of malfunction

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