Largest Disability Case in EEOC History Settled by Sears

Sears Roebuck and Co recently agreed to settle their latest case for 6.2 million dollars. Sears was accused of firing employees instead of providing them with reasonable accommodations for disabilities. The case started with John Bava, who injured his back, knees, and wrist on the job. Bava took a leave of absence for his injuries and when he returned he was still disabled. Sears refused to give him reasonable accommodations and then fired him. The EEOC said that upon investigation, they found more than 100 similar cases.

This case is the largest settlement for a single disability related case for the EEOC. When asked what he thought of the settlement, the EEOC’s chairman Stuart Ishimaru said, “This record settlement sends the strongest possible message that the EEOC will use its enforcement authority boldly to protect those rights and advance equal employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.”

Mr. Bava is thrilled at the agreement. He wanted to pursue the case to stand up for all the other Sears employees that have been unfairly treated. He hopes that this case sends a message that employers need to “treat employees fairly and try to accommodate them if they’re injured.”