The ‘Sell My Braun Entervan’ Big FAQ for Sellers

One of the more popular and effective ways that AMS Vans customers help finance a new wheelchair accessible van (WAV) when it’s time to upgrade is to sell their old vehicle. We pride ourselves on providing multiple options for financing a WAV that other dealers don’t — including a willingness to buy-back your current van.

You heard us right — and, there’s no catch and no strings attached. We’re prepared to make you a firm, fair offer on your used wheelchair accessible van and put that money towards the WAV of your dreams. As the largest wheelchair accessible vehicle manufacturer and mobility dealer in the Southeast, we’re your one-stop mobility provider — including buying your old Braun Entervan.

To help make the process simple and straightforward, we’ve prepared our ‘Sell My Braun Entervan’ big FAQ for sellers — designed to answer all of your questions and make you feel comfortable with the entire process.

1. Why would you even be interested in buying back my old Braun Entervan?

That’s a great first question, to be answered with a couple of good reasons.

The first is that we want to simplify the buyback process — giving you an opportunity to either quickly sell your current wheelchair accessible van, or turn it into cash you can use to upgrade to a newer model. We know how frustrating the process can be to sell a vehicle: navigating classifieds, communicating with potential buyers, haggling over prices, etc.

Instead of wasting valuable time and energy, we’ll buy back your Braun Entervan for a fair market price — which means you can sell your old vehicle and buy your new WAV on the same day, from the same location.

The second is that buying your Braun Entervan helps us to maintain our robust inventory of used vehicles — ensuring that we have a variety of quality, affordable wheelchair accessible vans to help us satisfy a range of budget requirements that our customers expect.

As a matter of fact, selling us your used Braun Entervan just might help another AMS Vans family member realize their dream of owning an affordable wheelchair accessible vehicle — and, that’s a decision you can make that should fill your heart with pride.

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2. Which specific Braun Entervan conversion models are buy-back eligible?

Because BraunAbility side- and rear-entry wheelchair accessible vehicles have a reputation for quality and durability, we’re interested in a wide variety of models with multiple conversion types in just about any condition.

We’re actively seeking to purchase the following Braun Mobility wheelchair accessible vehicle models:

Side-entry wheelchair accessible mini-vans

  • Dodge Grand Caravan Wheelchair
  • BraunAbility Chrysler Pacifica Power series (Foldout XT, Infloor)
  • Dodge CompanionVan series (Plus, Plus XT)
  • Dodge Power series (XT, Infloor)
  • Honda Power
  • Toyota series (Manual XT, BraunAbility XL, Power Infloor)

Rear-entry wheelchair accessible mini-vans

  • Chrysler Pacifica Manual
  • Dodge Manual and Power
  • Honda Manual
  • Toyota Power and Manual

In addition to BraunAbility models, we also purchase used VMI vehicles, used Rollx minivans, or any other accessible truck, SUV, or minivan with a professionally-modified conversion.

3. What are the steps in the process to sell my Braun Entervan?

As you might have already heard, the AMS Vans team works hard to made dealing with us as simple and straightforward as possible — it’s one of the reasons that we have so many lifelong customers. Selling us your used Braun Entervan is no different.

Here is what you can expect during the buyback process:

  • Submit your vehicle’s information. You’ll fill out a basic form — either online or in-person in our showroom — that includes such info as correct VIN, mileage, and recent photos of your Braun Entervan, and/or other potential trade-in.
  • Receive your custom trade-in quote. Once we receive your completed form, one of our knowledgeable, compassionate mobility experts will be in touch — typically within 24 hours of an online submission or same-day with a showroom visit — to give you a custom trade-in quote for your Braun Entervan.
  • Complete a trade-in inspection. After we agree on a trade-in buyback price, we’ll thoroughly inspect your vehicle — using the photos of your vehicle that you submit and an official CARFAX vehicle history report.

With our nationwide delivery/pickup service, we’ll have your Braun Entervan picked up from your driveway — anywhere in the continental United States — and delivered to one of our campus dealerships, in either Atlanta, Georgia or our Houston-based facility in Pearland, Texas.

And, if you purchase an new or used wheelchair accessible vehicle from AMS Vans, we’ll pick up your trade-in at the same time that we deliver your new van.

4. Does my wheelchair accessible vehicle have to be ADA-compliant?

No, it doesn’t.

Even if your used wheelchair accessible vehicle complies with the American Disabilities Act of 1990, we’ll still assess it’s value and offer you a firm, fair market price.

5. Do I have to buy a vehicle from you to sell you my wheelchair accessible vehicle?

No, you don’t.

Even if you decide not to buy from us — or, you decide to buy from someone else, we’ll still assess it’s value and offer you a firm, fair market price for your used wheelchair accessible vehicle.

6. Who do I contact if I have questions about selling you my Braun wheelchair accessible van?

There are a few different ways that you can contact us — and one of our knowledgeable, compassionate mobility specialists will be happy to answer your questions.

(1) You can call us at (855) 678-9400, from your smartphone or computer-operated phone app; (2) You can send us an email to; or, (3) You can go to our primary website at http:/ and use our chat feature.

To find out more about how to sell us your used Braun Entervan wheelchair accessible van, call AMS Vans today. We’ll give you a fair market price offer — and, we’ll show you just how far your used wheelchair accessible vehicle can go towards a new or used vehicle upgrade.

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