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Giving Thanks Series: Supporting Our Veterans

American Soldiers Saluting US Flag - veterans

November is a time when we should express how thankful we are for the family we have, the freedom some fought for, and the life that we have. Therefore, AMS Vans wanted to take a little time to say, “Thank you” to the millions of veterans who have fought for our country, risking their lives for the sake of every American. We know that they have done it without asking for anything in return and many paid the ultimate price for the things we too often take for granted.

Honoring the Heroes

Whether you know a veteran or just want to give back a little to say your own “thank you”, there are many organizations out there that are devoted to helping them. Donations and support are welcome year-round. However, since this is the season of “Thanks-Giving“, we feel it should go beyond Veteran’s Day, November 11, 2019. You may start by taking a look at these nine wonderful organizations that provide help and support.

1. Hope for the Warriors

Hope for the Warriors is devoted to helping veterans and their families adjust to life after military services. Their goal is to help restore our military by giving them back their sense of self, family, and hope. 90.1% of all proceeds and donations go toward helping military families with medical, transition services, and peer-to-peer support. To learn more, you can visit Hope for the Warriors or you can make a donation.

2. Team Red, White, & Blue

Team RWB is a service that connects people in need to others that can relate to their challenges. Their goal is life enrichment through “health, people, and purpose”. This group invites people to help others through fundraisers, donations, and more. If you would like to learn more about the many programs or events that are available, you can visit them on the web at Team Red, White, and Blue.

3. Vietnam Veterans of America

VVA is a group that is dedicated to helping veterans through troubling times. Regardless of what challenges they face. Only one of the specific areas they take on is the government agencies that may neglect to provide proper care for them. This extends to areas above and beyond health issues since they struggle with mental, physical, and emotional health after returning from dangerous areas. If you want to learn more you can visit VVA or make a donation to help your heroes.

4. Paralyzed Veterans of America

Some gave their lives to America and some returned home after WWII broken. Paralyzed Veterans of America was founded by several who returned home with spinal injuries. They were heroes but noticed a lack of available help for themselves and others. To see all the PVA has done for veterans since 1946 you can visit them online or make a contribution to further their reach.

5. Vets First

Our veterans need all the help that they can get to regain independence after major injuries. This is where VetsFirst comes in. It is a United Spinal Program that focuses on veterans and their families. If you want to show your support to those who have suffered for your freedom, donations are always welcome.

6. Wings for Warriors

When they returned home from Iraq and Afghanistan, many of them faced some very tough challenges. Wings for Warriors has been there to offer support and services to those who need it the most as they transition back to life after. It is a program devoted to not just the veterans, but their families and caregivers. You can learn more about Wings for Warriors or give back to them this November and beyond.

7. Semper Fi Fund

In 2003, Semper Fi Fund got it starts. It began as something that a group of military spouses did. Their goal was to organize welcome home activities at Camp Pendleton, California, specifically at the hospital. Now, their focus extends to helping even more families and in much larger ways. They help reunite families who may not otherwise be able to travel to meet their returning loved ones and so much more. If you want to join in on all the help they provide, donations are always welcome.

8. Disabled Sports USA

For 50 years, Disabled Sports USA has been working to give returning, disabled veterans a reason to push themselves and regain confidence after injury. Their goal is to encourage the, “If I can do this, I can do anything!” mindset. If you want to help them get back to life through sports, you can contribute anytime.

9. Next Step Service Dogs

Veterans who suffer from PTSD or other disabilities can benefit from Next Step Services Dogs. It is an organization that provides service dogs. By doing this, the goal is to not only help veterans but help animals that may otherwise end up in shelters. We encourage you to learn more or help your fellow man and the idea of service dogs.

Other Resources for Veterans

Veterans deserve all that they can get for the duty that they have performed in keeping America a safe place that we can all enjoy living in. They are the ones who keep it great. For that reason, there are many different resources available to help them take back their life when they return home from combat zones.


Ams Vans would also like to offer assistance to veterans and offer a, “Thank you for all that you have done for us”.