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8 Tips on How To Travel With Your Handicap Van

Headed out of town for the holiday weekend? Well we know just how exciting AND nerve racking adventures can be for our AMS Vans family! That’s why we decided to come up with our own
kind of vacation itinerary for those of us who are adventuring in handicap vans!
PLAN AHEAD: Common sense, right? Well sometimes a “rough idea” of what you’ll be doing over the weekend just isn’t going to cut it. Figure out exactly what you are going to do, where you want to stay, what dinner reservations you might want to make or tours you might want to book. Figure it all out so that you can start planning how much time it will take you to do all the things that you want to do.
System Check: Make sure all of your equipment is in good shape before you hit the road! This includes your AMS Vans Vans, Inc. ramps! It’s better to be safe and know what might need to be updated in your wheelchair accessible van before you head out!
How to Pack: Pack light, but bring a day bag! You never know what you’re going to end up getting into and if you may need a change of clothes, some extra food, emergency equipment, and phone chargers. Also be sure to keep your wheelchair equipment information close by! In your van or in your bag!
For When You Feel Like You’re A Fish Swimming Upstream: Adventuring around an area commonly visited by crowds of tourists? Make a mental note that morning that it might take you a little bit longer to wheel through the business! Plan to give yourself some extra time to breathe and navigate through all of the people!
Check the weather before booking a thing: The last thing anyone wants is to plan a vacation during some not-so-sunny, weather! Unexpected bad weather can be especially frustrating, though, if you have trouble walking or are scooting around everywhere on wheels. Check the weather schedule for wherever you’re going on the days that you want to get away!
It’s okay to say “NO”: Feeling a little bit more tired than your accompanying adventurers? It’s OKAY to say NO to something if you need a rest. We know you don’t want to miss out, but you’re allowed to be tired, and you’re allowed to say you need rest! AND it’s okay to say you just can’t do something! You and your health come FIRST.
You Do You: Do what you’re comfortable with! You shouldn’t feel pressured to do anything or keep up with a certain pace! It is vacation after all!
Try New Things: Don’t be afraid to get out there and live a little!! Just be sure you’ve brought precautionary items, that you’ve carved out enough time for the new adventure, and that there are no limitations you might end up having to face!

From Duck Dynasty to AMS Vans’ Dynasty, The Beard Is Revered!

Today, we tip our hat to the Robertson family and the men of Duck Dynasty. Their fourth-season premiere drew 11.8 million viewers, making it the most-watched, non-fiction cable telecast in history.

The Duck Dynasty Family

The captains of quack have captured the hearts of viewers across the country with their family-focused, family-friendly lifestyle, not to mention that they’re making a fortune in the family business–crafting duck calls out of Louisiana cedar trees. That’s how they make their big money. The TV show, now an international phenomenon, is more of a sideline that has brought family values–and beards–back into the spotlight.


Besides being fans of the show, several of our wheelchair-van-focused, van-friendly staff at AMS Vans have various styles of facial hair–with almost all of them boasting beards long before the TV show’s first broadcast, though a couple of the guys started to sprout last year during “No-Shave November“.

Dallas Crum Is Inspired by Duck Dynasty

Meet the men of our AMS Vans Dynasty, starting with our General Manager, Dallas “Big D” Crum (pictured above), who loves that Phil, Si, and the rest of the Robertson clan “have made bushy beards cool.”

Dallas, On the Left, and His Friend Will with Mock Mustaches

It’s important to point out that Dallas had a thing for facial hair years before he was able to grow any. In the photo above, Dallas (on the left) is about 10 years old, and, as far as we can tell, the ‘staches were concocted from whipped cream, which only required licking–not shaving–to remove them.

Next up, the Sons of the Service Department. These are the guys who make sure all our handicap vans for sale pass a rigorous 125-point inspection and are delivered to you equipped to your specifications.

Josh Sheppard Stands in Front of the Vans He Services

Assistant service manager Josh Sheppard always has a handsomely trimmed beard, and I personally haven’t seen him without a beard since I’ve been here. Take note of all the mobility vans in the background. Our inventory is huge!

A Bird Has Found a Great Use for Emory Frady's Goatee

If your wheelchair van requires hand controls or other equipment in the Atlanta, GA area, you’ll meet Emory Frady somewhere along the way. He’s our equipment installation specialist, and his beautiful, multi-colored goatee is well on its way to rivaling any of the Robertson boys’ beards.

Kody Ledbetter Can't Be Coaxed to Shave

I can’t tell you if Kody Ledbetter, also an assistant service manager, looks cuter with or without his beard. He, too, is a long-time beard bearer.

Brian Jenkins Gets the Strength of Samson From His Beard

Brian Jenkins is our “Inspector Gadget”. He inspects the gadgets (and everything else!) of every adapted vehicle that makes it to our vast inventory. When I asked him why he grew his amazingly lush, dark beard, he said, “I just found out I could grow one.”  I was later told the boy has been a “beard machine” for years.

I’m glad you got to meet some of the AMS Vans’ family, who are surely due a reality show of their own–another wholesome, American family producing one of the highest-quality products in their industry. I’ve heard those duck calls are everything they’re quacked up to be. (C’mon! I had to get at least one groaner in here.)

Now you’ll meet the neighborly, mega-popular Robertson family in the top video. Just below–a beard competition in Germany shows bunches of bizarre beard styles. And do tell us–what’s your take on the outbreak of beards?

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