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We Believe in You — And, So Should You

Believe in yourself.

Sometimes it’s not easy to remember how special each and every one of us really is.  We tend to focus on what we can’t do more than what we can do, and it can take a major ongoing effort to remind ourselves to stay with positive thoughts more than ones that bring us down.

It’s especially hard to stand up for yourself when no one else believes in you. Most everyone that has become great had to deal with this, and it’s never easy.  We often slip into the role of what someone else expects of us, even if it takes away precious time and energy towards what our own heart yearns for.

Laughing, mockery, stares…  ignore them all.  Believe what is in your heart, not what you hear.  The people that are trying to push you into a role, even if it is the voices in your own head, will be upset with you no matter what you do… so why not be happy being yourself?  You will get shunned regardless, but at least you will be happy with yourself.

This does of course means that you should be practical while pursuing a dream – don’t expect to fly without wings unless you build an airplane, but too often people give upon their dreams, and we’re here to let you know that we do in fact believe in you.