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How to Choose the Right Type of Accessible Van

How to Choose the Right Type of Accessible Van

A wheelchair-accessible van has modifications that enhance the mobility of people with disabilities. Such vehicles have general conversion steps that make them suitable for individuals in wheelchairs. However, different people have different requirements, and some are more specific than others. If you are a person who likes tailored options, then you need some criteria when choosing your next wheelchair-accessible van. Here is more insight into selecting the best accessible van that covers all your needs.

Type of Wheelchair Van

Manufacturers adjust the accessible van depending on whether the individual in a wheelchair is the passenger or the driver. If you intend to drive the wheelchair van, you should opt for one with a full floor side entry. You can easily modify a side-entry wheelchair van. It works well with parallel parking. Such a design enables you to access the driver seat quickly without needing extra help.

If you are sure about never having to drive, you can choose a rear-entry van. Rear-entry vans can only accommodate little modification. They are suitable for perpendicular parking.

Look at the Dimensions

Considering the fit of the wheelchair-accessible van is essential for providing the appropriate amount of space for any of its occupants. Keep in mind the measurement of your wheelchair when deciding on the width of the van. For instance, a wide wheelchair requires wider ramps than regular. When you pay attention to such measurements, you can avoid buying an extra-large vehicle that surpasses your budget or a narrow one that doesn’t give you enough room.


Exploring choices that are strictly within your budget is necessary for avoiding extra costs. Before making a purchase that strains your pocket, be sure to check out all the vehicles you can afford. You can request quotes from several sellers then analyze all of them. Ensure that the features are worth your money.

Which Brand Should You Choose?

There are different models of wheelchair-accessible vans in the market. Below you’ll find some high-quality options.

Dodge Grand Caravan

One of the earliest wheelchair-accessible vehicles is the Dodge Grand Caravan. It gives users more accessibility for different wheelchair positions. Also, the latest models have a power ramp system and a low-lying floor to ease entry into the van. Some Dodge Grand Conversions are the AMS Legend, AMS Edge, and AMS Edge II. Depending on the seller, prices range from $43,179 to around $55,000 for both rear-entry and side-entry models.

Chrysler Pacifica

This wheelchair-accessible van comes from one of the most trusted car manufacturers. Chrysler’s conversions use the most recent technology to offer luxury with their adequate interior space and high accessibility quality. The VMI Chrysler Pacifica provides 360 degrees of maneuverability, a stylish in-floor ramp, and interchangeable front seats. Models include the Touring Plus, Touring L, and Touring L Plus with prices starting from $50,480.

Toyota Sienna

The Toyota Sienna van is convenient for anyone who needs advanced mobility.  You can enjoy the removable seats, extra head space, and keyless remote control. If you decide to go with the Toyota Sienna, you can choose either a side-entry or rear-entry model to serve your desires. There are several conversions of Toyota Sienna wheelchair vans, including the Toyota Power In-floor, Toyota Power Foldout XT, and Toyota Rear-Entry Manual. The conversions have a price starting from $58,535.

Learn More About Wheelchair AccessibleVans

With the right wheelchair-accessible van, you can stay mobile and enjoy your wellbeing. Ensure that you test drive or practice how you can access the vehicle to determine if you are comfortable. The van you choose should have most, if not all, the features in your list. For top-notch consultation and advisory on how to choose the right type of accessible van, contact us, and we will be more than willing to assist.

Junior Troopers Program for Sick Kids Started by Highway Trooper


North Carolina Highway Patrolman Brian Lane understands what it’s like to be a child in the hospital, and he decided to give sick kids in UNC Hospitals a little joy. With the help of some friends and the blessing of the NC Highway Patrol, Lane put together the Junior Troopers program, which lets kids in hospitals ride in a special wheelchair with a siren and hand out tickets to doctors and nurses.

In the program, Lane brings a wheelchair fitted with a blue siren and the NC Highway Patrol logo on the wheels. Lane even got local businesses to donate baseball caps, pens, and ticket pads with the Junior Troopers logo on them. Sick kids get a ride on the special wheelchair and enjoy giving out tickets to doctors and nurses for things like walking while texting on their phones. Penalties for these violations usually involve ice cream for the little troopers.

Lane understands how sick kids feel because he was once one of them. At 15 years old, Lane was hospitalized for a rare illness called pectus excavatum or Sunken Chest Syndrome, where the bones of the chest grow inward and compress internal organs. When Lane was in the hospital undergoing reconstructive surgeries, he was visited by a local university basketball star. This experience inspired him to create the Junior Troopers program.

“I thought it was cool that a celebrity student athlete would take the time to come see me. And he brought me a ball signed by the entire team. I still have that ball,” Lane told Johnny Whitfield of the Eastern Wake News.

The Junior Troopers program was a success in the first few hospitals Lane visited, and the dedicated trooper has plans to visit sick kids in hospitals around North Carolina to help spread joy. Lane says the program wasn’t started as positive publicity for the NC Highway Patrol, which has suffered some publicity setbacks when officers were caught in recent scandals, but he’s happy that he can help kids become more comfortable around law enforcement.

“A police officer is someone kids can be afraid of, so it’s good to see them do something like this,” said Rachel Brewer, mom of one of the sick kids Lane visited in the hospital.