‘Teen Mom’ Leah’s Daughter with Muscular Dystrophy Is Walking!

We recently shared a story about the daughter of MTV’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Leah Messer-Calvert and her little daughter, who was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. Her doctors said she would likely be in a wheelchair the rest of her life. The 4-year-old’s family rallied around her, including her father, Leah’s ex-husband Corey Simms. The tale was touching, and a fine example of how families can put differences aside to help a young person through the difficult obstacles that come with a disability.

'Teen Mom 2' Leah Messer-Calvert and Daughter Ali, Who Has Muscular Dystrophy

Now, it seems there is something to celebrate, as Ali appears to be proving her doctors wrong—the little girl doesn’t look like she’s going to need a wheelchair any time soon. She isn’t just walking, either.

“Ali is running!” Leah says. “She’s going so much better than expected. We don’t know what the future holds, but this is proof that we should never give up hope.”

Ali Is Walking Despite Her Muscular Dystrophy

She goes on to say, “She has so much determination. We’re in awe of how she handles adversity.”

Her father isn’t quite as surprised—he has always been the optimist regarding Ali’s disability. In fact, when the diagnosis was first delivered and doctors predicted that Ali would be confined to a wheelchair for most of her life, Simms insisted that not only would this not be the case, but that one day far in the future, when she got married, he would walk his daughter down the aisle on her own two feet.

Leah Dresses Ali, Who Is Pretty in Pink

Leah, while she tries to remain positive and is ecstatic about the new development, is potentially more realistic about the eventual outcome—there is still a strong chance that one day, Ali will require a wheelchair for mobility. But for now, the little girl is zipping about on her own two feet, a sure sign that deep down, Ali is a fighter, and that’s just the sort of attitude you need to battle a condition like muscular dystrophy.

Ali Is Growing Up a Happy Little Girl

Instead of living in denial about her daughter’s future, Leah hopes that Ali continues to fight the disease and always looks for the silver lining in the issue, and she’s still thankful that Simms has chosen to be such a strong part of Ali’s life.

Leah's Twins, Ali and Aleeah, Celebrate Their Fourth Birthday

“Ali’s disability has really brought us closer,” she says. “We’re going to conquer this together.”

One thing is certain: while Ali’s family may be non-traditional, the little one couldn’t hope for a better support system. Meanwhile, were her doctors wrong—or simply realistic when they said Ali would be in a wheelchair the rest of her life?


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