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A First-Person History of My Scooters

This story began in l993 in the parking lot at Holly Leaf Apartments.  Some folks who knew me during this chapter of my life may remember parts of this, but new readers may not.  My husband died in February 1993 and in May, I moved into an apartment at the edge of town.  I had sold our waterbed because of my bad health and ordered a single hospital bed to be delivered the day I moved.

When the guys came with the bed, they also set a 3-wheel scooter in the parking lot.  I told them I had not ordered that, and they said it was just for me to experiment with while they put the bed together.

At that time the color mauve was very popular and with one spin around, I fell in love with my scooter.  Since I was unable to drive back then, the scooter was answered prayer.  The scripture says that when we don’t know how to pray the Holy Spirit hears the “groanings” of our heart and prays for us.  The Lord knew what I needed and wanted before I had any way of knowing the blessing of owning a scooter since I no longer had anyone to push me in a wheelchair.

I immediately told the fellows that I wanted to buy the scooter that day.  They protested that it was their brand new demo model and would be rather expensive.  After some lengthy discussion, they called the home office and told the lady about this “crazy woman” who was insisting they accept a check and leave the scooter.

I got on the phone with the lady and discussed my situation.  She explained that the scooter was very expensive and that I might get help with the cost from my insurance company if I would be patient and wait.  I told her I had just sold everything I owned and would write a check that day if she would accept it.  After much pleading, she told the men to leave the scooter.

I was still insured by my husband’s “catastrophic” insurance plan and within a short period of time, they paid for the scooter, and my money was returned to me.  The scooter became my transportation to the mall, the grocery and drug stores, and several restaurants for lonely meals that sure beat eating alone in that small apartment.

But most important, it enabled me to ride back and forth to the apartment pool where I discovered water aerobics; the best atmosphere in which to get used to living alone.  During the following years, it became my “toy” and enabled me to ride my two grandsons around for different activities.  There are so many precious memories about those days; they became the “boy stories” that some folks have enjoyed reading.

We all talk about how time flies and before I knew it, and after many miles of wear and tear, the scooter was “on its last leg.”  After nine years, the cost of scooters had come down some, and my health had improved. I didn’t need one as badly in early 2002 when I first moved into my new home.

By then I had been driving for several years and only used the scooter for long distance walking, so I parked it on my back porch and used my rolling walker to get to and from my car.  Then in July I had the multiple sclerosis exacerbation that took away my ability to walk.

A little over a month later, one of my readers brought a used scooter and a lightweight wheelchair to my home because he no longer needed those.  I offered to pay him but he wanted to give both items to me.  I felt so blessed!  (Another one of those times when unspoken prayer was answered.)

Two days later, I got a call from the medical supply store telling me that someone had come in and purchased a new scooter for me, and it would be delivered at my convenience.  A few hours later, he arrived with two scooters (a red one and a blue one.)  I was given my choice of colors and he told me the purchaser wished to remain anonymous.

I was absolutely stunned that someone would spend that much money on a gift for me.  He said they told him they had enjoyed my stories over the years and just wanted to donate this.  I told him someone had given me a used one; I wasn’t sure what to do at that point.  He said the new one was paid for, and he couldn’t take it back.

After thinking about this for several days, I advertised my old scooter “free as is,” and it was picked up within hours after the paper was printed.  Finally, I called the giver of the first gift and explained I now had two scooters in my little house.  They were both too nice to leave outside, so I wanted him to decide what I should do with the scooter he had given me.

I suppose I could have given it to someone else or sold it, but it just didn’t seem right to do that.  I had been twice blessed and thought he might know someone else to bless.

By 2008, it was becoming difficult for family and older friends to load my wheelchair, so I purchased a smaller scooter that could be broken down and put in the trunk of a car. It is the one I now use in the handicapped conversion van which I purchased in August 2009. The heavier one that was a gift is still used in my yard for my gardening hobby.

I am still amazed and thankful for all the blessings I have received.  My family, friends, and other readers continue to bless me.  I do believe that God has had his hand in all these events and his timing has been perfect for my needs.  God is so good to me!