Top Gifts for Wheelchair Users

Are you looking for the perfect gifts for someone in a wheelchair? The holidays are getting closer, and a little planning ahead will save a lot of anxiety later! Before you have to scramble around and settle for yet another tie for your husband or bathrobe for your mother, read our list of gifts for people in wheelchairs!
Wheelchair Gift Idea #1: Low Vision Playing CardsFor those who enjoy games, there are low-vision playing cards that have larger numbers and suits. There are also card holders for people with grip issues... and don't forget a battery operated shuffler! Low Vision Playing Cards
Wheelchair Gift Idea #2: Wheelchair Fishing Pole Holder and Self CasterFor the avid outdoorsman (or woman), buy a clamp-on fishing pole holder that allows for one-handed use to reel in those fish. You can also get fishing poles that will cast for you! Wheelchair Fishing Pole Holders/Casters
Wheelchair Gift Idea #3: Extra Wheelchair CushionsGifts that add to the comfort of a handicapped loved one are always appreciated. Accessories for a wheelchair, scooter, or bed can really improve day-to-day life. Items such as cushions and pads, extra fluffy pillows, and massagers are great for comfort and good posture. Wheelchair Cushions
Wheelchair Gift Idea #4: Carryall Wheelchair BagA nice carryall bag designed with maximum amount of pockets to carry both large and small items makes a nice gift for someone in a wheelchair or scooter. Be sure it is washable. Side Arm Wheelchair Bag Front "Between Feet" Wheelchair Bag
Wheelchair Gift Idea #5: Wheelchair UmbrellaFor protection from the sun and rain, a wheelchair umbrella is great! Wheelchair Umbrella Wheelchair Umbrella Mount Only
Wheelchair Gift Idea #6: AMS Vans Fleece Lap BlanketIn the chilly holiday weather, make sure your loved one is warm and toasty with the AMS Vans fleece blanket. The blanket is soft, is long enough to tuck in to keep the lower body warm, and is only $50. For ordering, call AMS Vans at 800-775-8267
Wheelchair Gift Idea #7: Adaptive Gardening ToolsAdaptive gardening tools that are designed to take the strain and discomfort out of gardening can help people in wheelchairs return to the garden. Standard handles are ergonomically angled to keep the hand and wrist in a natural position. They are also available in a long handled version. Find Adaptive Gardening Tools
Wheelchair Gift Idea #8: Custom Wheelchair Spoke GuardsHelp your friend or loved one make their wheelchair more 'them'! Items like custom-made spokeguards for their wheelchair's wheels can be painted with their favorite colors, sports, mottos, or other things that make them unique. Custom Wheelchair Spokesguards
Wheelchair Gift Idea #9: HandybarDoes your giftee have trouble getting in and out of their wheelchair accessible vehicle? How about a Handybar! Handybars are simple devices that attach to over 90% of vehicles to help the person get in and out of the vehicle with ease. Get them direct from AMS Vans for only $42.95 - tax included! For ordering, call AMS Vans at 800-775-8267
Wheelchair Gift Idea #10: A Wheelchair Accessible VanAre you looking to really impress this year? Give the ultimate gift! The gift of mobility!! A wheelchair accessible van from AMS Vans would be an amazing present to help provide your loved one independence and mobility. Our mobility consultants can even arrange for the big red bow, and can deliver right before the holidays straight to your home! See all the new wheelchair vans or used handicap accessible vans!
Wheelchair Gift Idea #11: Amazon Kindle DXThe Amazon Kindle DX has a 9.7 inch e-ink display for easy reading of the 3500+ books that this can store. If you want a new book to read then you can browse and download any Kindle-compatible book from the Amazon store anywhere in the world that you have a wireless connection. It's easy to use, very light and can last up to a week on a single battery charge. This is the ultimate gift for the avid reader in your life.
Wheelchair Gift Idea #12: EZ GrabberThis EZ Grabber extension grabber is 26 inches long and allows a wheelchair user to reach for almost anything, pain free, without bending or reaching out. Using an extension grabber is safer than reaching as it keeps the wheelchair user properly positioned in the wheelchair, where reaching can put them off center and at risk for falls. The EZ Grabber rotates 90 degrees and has non-slip rubber grabber cups that allow the user to grab anything from a pin to a book. An easy snap-on wrist support and locking feature prevents dropping the item once you've reached it.
Wheelchair Gift Idea #13: Drink-AideAn insulated water bottle with an extended vibration-resistant flexible drinking tube, with a universal clamp that can fasten to most wheelchairs and beds. The drink aide water bottle was designed and tested by people with disabilities to ensure maximum usability. Using a wheelchair can be hard work and leave you thirsty, so this is a great wheelchair gift.
Wheelchair Gift Idea #14: Cup/Ashtray HolderA double-well cup holder for wheelchairs with a removable compartment, and a deeper well with a pop-out bottom that accepts most cups and glasses. The more shallow well can hold a standard glass or plastic ashtray, or can be used as a small snack container. A perfect gift for diabetic wheelchair users! The holder attaches to any tubular frame at any angle.
Wheelchair Gift Idea #15: Wheelchair TrayThis tray is a desk that attaches to the frame of the wheelchair. It is rimmed to contain spills and create a sturdy environment to eat, read, or work on your laptop. Other desks feature a pillow back and have to balance on the user's lap, which creates an unsteady surface. But this wheelchair tray is perfect for craft hobbies like scrapbooking and knitting.
Wheelchair Gift Idea #16: Adapted PlatesA suction cup adapted plate with a deep inner lip allows food to be eaten with one hand, by the user pushing the food onto the utensil, utilizing the barrier the lip provides. Three suction cups mounted to the plate raise the plate by ¼", and when moistened will adhere to any flat surface, making the plate immovable.
Wheelchair Gift Idea #17: Foam HandlesThese foam tubes handles have a slip-resistant skin and are dishwasher safe. They come in 6 different bright, easily identifiable colors and can be used solo to attach to the end of markers, toothbrushes, and silverware, making a larger grip, or joined together to make grips for larger items like notepads and toothpaste tubes.
Wheelchair Gift Idea #18: Pot and Pan HoldersThese pan handle holders make it safe to stir food one-handed without the pot turning, by a wide-spread suction cup base that creates greater stability while keeping the suction cups away from the heat.
Wheelchair Gift Idea #19: Bowling Ball PusherThis bowling ball pusher is a four-pronged steel and aluminum guide that rests on the bowling alley floor while pushing the ball. The extension handle lengthens for use and shortens for transport. This is a great wheelchair gift for bowling and sports enthusiasts!
Wheelchair Gift Idea #20: Snuggies - Snuggies are fleece blankets that have an open back design and sleeves. The open back design makes it very easy for a wheelchair user to pull the snuggie on and off, and the sleeves allow the user to continue to operate the chair without the blanket becoming entangled in the wheels. Snuggies are available in a wide array of designer colors and are one size fits all in both adult and children's sizes. It is a great gift for a wheelchair user. *Note: Dog is not included.
Not all gifts need to be big, though. If you're short on cash this holiday season, consider giving your friend a coupon book of various chores or tasks that you know he or she has difficulty doing (or just doesn't like performing!). Your time and thoughtfulness will always be appreciated!