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5 Used Wheelchair Van Shopping Mistakes You Can Avoid

For most customers, shopping for a used wheelchair van reveals a range of emotions that run from stressed to exhilarated. One on hand, you’re thrilled at the thought of finally achieving true mobility freedom. But there’s always that fear of buying the wrong vehicle and paying too much for it.

At AMS Vans, we’re ready to keep that from happening to you. The best way to enjoy your shopping experience is to have an idea of what you want, have a plan to get it, and make sure to avoid the most common vehicle shopping mistakes. Here are five you can master fairly quickly.

Used wheelchair vans

Learn the art of shopping for used wheelchair vans on your own terms.

1. Ignoring used wheelchair van inventories found online

We get it. You like to see what you’re buying. You like to kick the tires, test the stereo, and turn on the wipers. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, browsing used wheelchair vans via virtual showrooms and online inventories will give you a pretty good idea of what’s out there.

Even if you would never consider buying online, there are too many advantages of shopping online to ignore:

See lots of vehicles in a short amount of time. Save yourself the time, effort, and expense of driving from lot to lot by using your mouse to browse used wheelchair van collections from the comfort of your own home.

Focus on specific makes, models, conversions, and options. Internet technology allows you to filter your vehicle searches based on a variety of criteria that fit your particular needs and lifestyle.

Shop at your own pace without unnecessary pressure. By browsing the Internet at home, you can spend as much or as little time shopping as you want — without a salesperson impatiently standing over your shoulder.

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2. Considering a used wheelchair van with unknown history

Here’s another area where technology has changed used wheelchair van industry for the better. The Lemon Law offers you only so much protection against a used wheelchair van with a history of wrecks and major mechanical services. Before you buy, your mobility dealer should provide you with a Carfax history report on the vehicle you’re considering.

Launched in 1984, a Carfax report collects information on a used wheelchair van from insurance companies, collision repair facilities, DMVs, and law enforcement to tell you:

  • Number of past owners
  • Odometer readings and history of repair work
  • If the car is a lemon — or has been salvaged
  • Any accidents verified by insurance companies, DMVs, or police departments
  • Emission inspection status and reports
  • If the car was subject to abuse — such as a fleet vehicle or business auto
  • Manufacturer recalls and/or buybacks
  • History of lien and/or repossession

No matter how beautiful the used wheelchair van you’re considering might look — or if the salesperson tells you how much the car has been cared for in the past — no Carfax report should be an automatic red flag in your mind.

Used wheelchair accessible van

Buying factory direct is one of the best ways to save time and money on a used wheelchair accessible van.

3. Settling for mysterious used wheelchair van financing terms

While the financing details for a used wheelchair van has some minor variations from traditional vehicle financing, the process is generally the same. Which means that — once you’ve completed a financing application — your mobility dealer should review their inventory with you followed by a thorough discussion of financing options.

Also, the dealer you’re considering doing business with should outline the variety of conversion options available for the vehicle you’re interested in — including how much each option will change the overall cost of your purchase.

If there’s any financing detail that you don’t understand, never allow your dealer to gloss over it for the sake of time. Expect a straightforward explanation that you can readily understand.

4. Not discussing used wheelchair van buyback options

When you purchase your used wheelchair van, keep in mind that the day will come when you’ll be moving on from this vehicle to a newer one that fits your lifestyle as it changes. Perhaps a change to the health of yourself, your partner, or a child. Maybe it’ll be due to a change to your environment. Or, you might just feel the need to upgrade.

No matter why you might need to purchase a different used wheelchair van, you should have buyback options available to you that will allow a change in the future. A smart buyback plan should come with a simple, no haggling process that saves you time and money.

5. Buying a used wheelchair van from a middle source

No matter what product you’re purchasing, there’s simply no substitute for buying factory direct — especially when it comes to your wheelchair accessible van. Sometimes dealing with a ‘middleman’ is unavoidable — particularly in cases or distance or rarity. However, this extra seller is responsible for driving up the cost of your vehicle.

There are three primary advantages to buying your used wheelchair van from a factory-direct source:

1. Get the lowest price on your van. Buying direct eliminates a lot of the markups and fees that come with buying from an intermediary.

2. Benefit from product knowledge and buying guidance. Buying from a direct source means you’ll enjoy support and expertise after the sale.

3. Experience accountability and service. Buying direct also creates a unique relationship between you and the company that is responsible for your satisfaction.

The bottom line is that there’s simply no better way to ensure a positive buying experience than to deal directly with a dealer dedicated to enhancing your mobility freedom.

Buying your used wheelchair van from AMS Vans means finding the right vehicle at the right price. Our mobility experts will work hard to keep you educated, informed, and absolutely satisfied at every stage of the process.

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