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The 3 Top Used Wheelchair Van Myths and Mysteries Exposed

Unfortunately, purchasing a used wheelchair van is typically a forced reaction to some negative life event. It could be the result of the onset of old age or an accident that results in paralysis. Regardless of the cause, the need for a used wheelchair van is thrust upon the unexpected.

For those that are just beginning your search for a used wheelchair van, the initial sources of information might include the Internet, friends and family, and coworkers and colleagues. As you might expect, the swirl of subjective opinions, ‘he said-she said’ stories, and even the occasional horror story can produce several myths and mysteries. Here are three common misconceptions that you might hear — and the truth behind them.

Used wheelchair van lift

A used wheelchair van lift is one of the many options available to customize your vehicle.

Myth #1: I’m limited to the used wheelchair van selection on the floor or in the lot

One of the primary concerns of first-time buyers is customization. People are different — physical conditions are different. Adaptable mobility is all about matching the right vehicle based on special needs and unique abilities. The mobility dealer you do business with should work to help you live your very best life by fitting your vehicle to your lifestyle.

A few of the particular customization options to look for in a used wheelchair van are:

  • Entry point. Side-entry and rear-entry options are available for most models
  • Floor plans. Choose from a variety of seating arrangements and wheelchair docks
  • Ramps and lifts. Including power and manual operations for loading and unloading
  • Adaptable equipment. Includes hand controls and pedal extensions for control

Also, you can elect to have your current minivan converted to a wheelchair accessible vehicle. This will help you save on costs and keep you in the vehicle with which you’re most familiar and comfortable.

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Wheelchair van service

Wheelchair van service keeps your vehicle running smoothly for an active, mobile lifestyle.

Myth #2: A used wheelchair van lift is one of the first things to break on the vehicle

A used wheelchair van lift serves to safely load and unload a wheelchair in your van. There are a variety of models including side-entry, rear-entry, single post, double post, or under-vehicle. As with any mechanical device, the used wheelchair van lift is prone to malfunction from time to time.

However, your lift is no more prone to failing as any other car, truck, or van mechanism. If properly operated and maintained, your wheelchair lift will provide thousands of successful lifts throughout the life of your used wheelchair van before it ever requires service.

AMS Vans Tip! Our blue-ribbon service department is standing by to install, demonstrate, and — if needed — repair your used wheelchair van lift, either by us on-site or coordinated through your local, trusted service technician.

Myth #3: I’ll have to travel far to shop for, apply for financing, and pick up my vehicle

If you’re determined to do business with a local dealer, then the above statement might be true. Many dealers are more concerned about making the sales and meeting quotas than they are about the time and effort their customers must invest in the process of finding a used wheelchair van.

In fact, there are a great deal of limitations in buying from a local dealer:

  • Confusing pricing/inventory. You never really know what models are available and how much they cost
  • Financing red tape. Many dealers are inexperienced in working with banks for financing
  • Vehicle preparation. Many used wheelchair vans are sold without being washed or cared for
  • Delivery reluctance. Small dealers expect you to come pick up your vehicle after purchase

Also, after everything’s said and done, remember that you always have ‘right of refusal’ protection — which means you can back out of your purchase with a full refund if you’re not satisfied with any part of the transaction.

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