Veterans Day – Why We Revere Our Vets


Veterans day is here once again.  On this special day we pay tribute to those brave men and women who have selflessly served their country.  For those of us who have never actually been in the military, it’s rather easy for us to forget just why it is we should revere those who have chosen to answer to the call of the armed forces.  However, just as Veterans upheld their duty to protect and defend our country, we must uphold the responsibility of honoring and respecting them.

To do so may require an understand of just what a Veteran represents and what they have done.  However, there is no set archetype that defines just what it is to be a Veteran.  They come in all shapes, sizes, races, religions and genders.  In fact such descriptions are totally irrelevant.  What truly characterizes these brave souls goes much deeper and is far more significant.

Commitment and Duty

American Heroes II

Early mornings, long nights.  Tours away from homes.  There is endless list of unenviable things a soldier must endure throughout their service time.  However, each and every day our proud Veterans managed to rise to the occasion.  This commitment is more profound than just a menial obligation to daily duties.  It was a guarantee from them to us that should a crisis ever occur, they would be there to protect and defend our nation and it’s people.



There is perhaps no greater honor than to serve something that is bigger than yourself.   This can be applied to family, friends, and even religion.  However, it most certainly pertains to service to the military as well.  During their time serving our country, Veterans stood tall and gave something for all of us of all ages to be inspired by.  They functioned as a living embodiment of the strength and integrity of not only the Nation, but humanity itself.



Sadly, there are those who paid the ultimate price for selflessness.  Whether it be the result of combat, training exercises or any of the many other ways that one can lose their life serving this country, there are many have who have met an untimely but honorable end because of their enlistment.  Truly, it is saddening and often unavoidable.

However, whether or not you believe such losses are necessary, they are nonetheless to be appreciated and given reverence.  Upon putting dressing into their uniforms, each of them knew that there could potentially come a time where they would be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice.  It’s because of these sacrifices that we are all able to enjoy the luxuries of freedom today.

Every year we take time out of our busy schedules to cook huge turkey dinners, put up Christmas trees, give candy to trick or treaters, and even send candy and roses to loved ones.  Today, let’s all take time out to remember and pay tribute to our Veterans.  They have more than earned it.

Happy Veterans Day from AMS Vans Wheelchair Vans!