LA Angels Slapped With a Wheelchair Accessibility Class-Action Suit


Class-action has been granted to a lawsuit brought against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, CA by J. Paul Charlebois, a wheelchair user denied admission to the Club Level at Angel Stadium. Now that this lawsuit has reached class-action, baseball fans who are wheelchair mobile will have more variety in seating selections in the future.

The class-action status makes more wheelchair accessibility a priority to be evaluated by section, rather than the whole facility. The baseball fan said he was denied access to the Club Level at Angel Stadium, the only section that provides waiter and waitress food and beverages services, because the two wheelchair accessible seats were taken.


Charlebois is seeking for more options per section to be provided for persons who need wheelchair accessible seating. This is especially needed for the Club Level, because it has a waitstaff, wide hallways, and a great view. These aspects make the Club Level look like it would be the most desirable for those who are wheelchair mobile.

One statement included in support of the Motion for Class Certification in Case No. SACV 10-0853 DOC (ANx) said this:

Based on the first hand experience of wheelchair users, it appears that the wheelchair accessible seating on the Club Level of Angel Stadium… is completely unavailable for wheelchair users who wish to attend Angels baseball games.”

The passed motion gives hope for the future, as this could mean equal access in ballparks and stadiums across the country.