Wheelchair accessible vehicle

The wheelchair accessible vehicle buyer persona challenge

You can find out a lot about yourself during the process of shopping for and purchasing big ticket items — think of such products as a new home, a new or used wheelchair accessible vehicle, or a vacation package. There’s just something about that level of consideration and decision-making that reveals the type of person we all are.

As technology offers consumers a variety of new ways to engage with businesses, these advancements have led to revelations concerning buying behaviors and about the type of consumers we really are. While some prefer the convenience and anonymity of shopping online, some still elect to visit brick-and-mortar stores to see and feel adaptable mobility products before they purchase.

Like it or not, the way you prefer to shop reveals a lot about what you value as a consumer. When you consider your buying preferences — be it certainty over convenience or value over price — you can use these discoveries to improve your overall shopping experience.

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Wheelchair accessible van buyer

Some wheelchair accessible van buyers still prefer visiting the lot to see their options.

Kicking the tires: Shopping a wheelchair accessible vehicle on the lot

Sometimes there’s just no way to tell if you like a certain wheelchair accessible vehicle unless you see it first-hand. Characteristics such as body style, color, and drivability might not be adequately conveyed through a picture or written description. Also, the process of putting the deal together lends itself to a face-to-face conversation with a mobility expert.

If you plan on shopping for a wheelchair accessible vehicle or piece of mobility equipment on the lot, there are a few things you can do to prepare yourself for a successful experience:

  • Contact a mobility expert before you go so that there’s someone there to help you who knows what you’re looking for and can help guide you
  • Eat a good breakfast or lunch and take care of your physical needs before your visit to prevent hunger and thirst from becoming a distraction
  • Make notes or get written information on the vehicles as you view them so that you can make an objective evaluation without confusion

Plan on a couple of hours to speak to mobility specialists, view the inventory, and evaluate your options — maybe longer if you plan on applying for financing and actually making a purchase.

Buy a wheelchair accessible vehicle

Other shoppers prefer to use a computer to buy a wheelchair accessible vehicle online

Browsing a virtual showroom: Shopping adaptable mobility vehicles online

If you dread the idea of moving up and down the rows of a car lot in the heat of the day — or if your special needs prevent such activity — shopping for a wheelchair accessible vehicle online can be a viable solution. Many dealers have placed their entire inventory in the cloud, which you can peruse in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Just a few of the benefits of shopping for a vehicle online include:

  • Creating a barrier between you and the sales team to eliminate the high-pressure pitch
  • Seeing a large number of vehicles very quickly — saving you both time and energy
  • Comparing prices from one dealership to the next

Many of the more tech-savvy dealerships have their online inventory modified for a variety of viewing devices — think desktop PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Enjoying the best of both worlds: The AMS Advantage

Ask any previous customer to describe what they love about doing business with AMS Vans — you’ll likely hear ‘shopping experience’ mentioned more than once. That’s because we offer both ways to shop for a wheelchair accessible vehicle or adaptable mobility equipment.

For those that like to visit the lot in person, our mobility experts and support staff are ready to help you make the most of your time. On the other hand, our online virtual showroom is updated daily with the very best new and used vehicles we have.

You might even want to combine the two methods — browsing our inventory online until you find a few vehicles you like and then stopping by the lot to see your options and speak with a mobility expert. This combined approach improves your chances of finding the right vehicle for your lifestyle.

No matter how you like to shop for a wheelchair accessible vehicle, AMS Vans has you covered. You can browse our expanded inventory of new and used wheelchair accessible vans on our campus in-person or online through our virtual showroom.

About AMS Vans

America’s Mobility Superstore is a national wheelchair accessible van dealer and manufacturer with a mission to deliver the industry’s best wheelchair accessible vans and adapted mobility equipment that meets the unique needs of our specially-abled customers at a price they can afford. With over 20 years of dedicated service to helping thousands of amazing people realize true mobility freedom, the AMS Vans nationwide family is growing every day.