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Instantly Recognize a Wheelchair Mobility Expert from a Salesperson

Chances are that this is your first time purchasing a wheelchair accessible van. Buying a standard car or truck is a fairly straightforward endeavor. However, wheelchair mobility comes with an entirely new set of features, jargon, and considerations. It can be enough to confuse anyone who is unfamiliar with the industry.

Mobility consultant

Mobility consultants give their customers a new lease on life.

That’s why the role of the wheelchair mobility expert simply can not be overstated. The best mobility experts combine product knowledge and personal compassion to help you sift through the myriad of buying options and choose the right wheelchair van for you. So let’s take a look at what separates a wheelchair mobility expert from a common car salesperson — as well as how to tell the difference when you get to the showroom.

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Mobility expert

Mobility expert are trained and certified in adaptable solutions.

The wheelchair mobility expert is certified in adaptable mobility

Formal education and industry certification is the hallmark of a wheelchair mobility expert. Your local salesperson might know everything there is to know about a motor, but a certified mobility expert has specific credentials that prove their training and knowledge.

For example, the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA) is a professional organization that promotes the health and well-being of people with disabilities. The organization also offers a couple of different certifications that are popular among wheelchair mobility experts.

Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) Certification. The ATP certification analyzes, assists, and trains in appropriate selective technologies for consumers

Seating and Mobility Specialist (SMS) Certification. A specialty certification that focuses specifically on seating, positioning, and mobility — including assessment, funding resources, intervention, outcome, and follow-up

There are also a selection of proprietary certifications offered by private corporations that will equip wheelchair mobility experts with formal credentials in the field.

Adaptable mobility

Adaptable mobility experts ask the meaningful questions.

The wheelchair mobility expert has experience with disabled challenges

While traditional car salespeople might move the occasional adapted mobility vehicle to a disabled consumer, true wheelchair mobility experts have built a career on this specific transaction. They deal exclusively with people with disabilities, their families, and their caregivers on a daily basis.

That kind of experience empowers them with a unique insight into the specific population they serve. It enables them to ask poignant questions that help solve challenges most commonly faced by the disabled consumer — saving both time and money in the process.

Key questions a wheelchair mobility expert might ask (that traditional car salespeople might not) include:

  • What is the nature of the disability?
  • What is the primary purpose of the transportation?
  • Will the wheelchair user wish to drive the vehicle or ride in the front passenger seat?
  • How many ambulatory passengers might ride in the vehicle regularly?

Whereas a traditional car salesperson might attempt to sell whatever adaptable vehicle they have on the lot at the time, a wheelchair mobility specialist will work with the customer to find an appropriate fit.

Adapted mobility

Adapted mobility helps you to live your best life.

The wheelchair mobility expert works with special financing options

Despite the long history of these common transactions, financing a vehicle in a traditional sale can be complex and confusing enough. However, financing an adaptable vehicle through traditional lending institutions often adds a new layer of inspection to which traditional salespeople aren’t accustomed.

Wheelchair mobility experts have done it all before. Financing professionals at reputable adaptable mobility dealers have connections with banks that understand the value of the modified vehicle. They know how to present the package so that it’s both understandable and attractive to lenders.

Also, there are ideal situations where the lending takes place without the inclusion of a third-party arrangement — which serves to eliminate many of the fees associated with go-between middle parties. This can essentially save the customers a lot of money at the sales price.

AMS Vans wheelchair mobility experts can help you decide which vehicle is right for you. If you’ll take the first step — by giving us a call, sending us an email, starting a website chat, or visiting our campus — we’ll perform a personalized needs assessment based on your disability and lifestyle goals.

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