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3 Distinct Ways Wheelchair Vans Adapt to Your Comfort, Purpose

While medical diagnoses can be similar, special abilities and daily needs are unique. So should be the accessible wheelchair vans that meet these daily needs. Let’s discuss three specific elements that wheelchair vans adapt to your comfort and purpose.

Your ability to interact with your accessible vehicle is a critical factor that determines its level of adaptation. For example — if you plan to drive or sit as a front-seat passenger — your vehicle will require a greater degree of accommodation than if you’re simply riding in the middle or rear row areas. Here’s how wheelchair accessible vans hold the potential to transform to meet your unique lifestyle.

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Wheelchair accessible vans

Wheelchair accessible vans adjust to comfort and purpose in a way few accessible vehicles are able.

1. Side- versus rear-entry for drivers, front passengers, or riders

The method of entry for wheelchair riders will dictate such factors as the sticker price, seating configuration, and passenger room — making it perhaps the most critical conversion option to consider. Both models — side-entry and rear-entry — hold benefits depending upon your distinct needs.

Here’s a quick rundown of the considerations for each type of conversion that might influence your decision:

  • Side-entry handicap van
  • Uses a sliding side door and a ramp or a lift
  • Allows for a wheelchair driver or front seat passenger
  • Lowered-floor conversion, allowing for more head space
  • Rear- entry handicap van
  • Uses a ramp in the back of the vehicle
  • Allows for a wheelchair passenger in the midsection
  • More interior space, allowing for bigger wheelchairs

An AMS Vans mobility expert can help you consider your needs, weigh your options, and select a conversion style that meets your unique abilities and lifestyle.

Wheelchair seating options

Wheelchair seating layouts allow optional arrangements for wheelchair and ambulatory passengers.

2. Floor plan options to accommodate multiple passenger combinations

There are a greater variety of floor plan options available for side-entry wheelchair accessible vans. One floor plan offers space for up to three wheelchair users to fit comfortably. A different plan allows for up to five ambulatory passengers and one wheelchair.

Rear-entry vans come with two floor plan options that comfortably seat up to four or six passengers. You can choose a layout that offers four seats with a wheelchair. Or, add a flip seat in the rear section to accommodate six passengers with no wheelchair.

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3. Custom mobility equipment for wheelchair accessible vans

Moving past the conversion type, there is an entire range of custom mobility equipment upgrades you can add to wheelchair vans that can improve your enjoyment of the vehicle. Some of those items include:

  • Hand controls. Alternative means of driving for people with physical disabilities
  • Driving aids. Allows people with mobility needs to enter/exit/drive the vehicle
  • Wheelchair tie downs. Keeps wheelchair users safe and secure when the van is in motion
  • Lifts & platform carriers. Allows for safe travel with a wheelchair, powerchair, or mobility scooter
  • Portable wheelchair ramps. Featuring non-slip surfaces suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Factory OEM products. Extra backups of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products
  • Transfer seats. Makes entering and exiting your wheelchair accessible van easier
  • Jump seats. Extra seating to accommodate ambulatory passengers in mobility vans

Mobility equipment items are available for nationwide shipping or for installation by an AMS technician — when required.

AMS Vans wheelchair vans offer dynamic configurations and versatile customizations to meet your unique needs and abilities. Buying with us means you’ll never be forced to settle with the ‘almost right’ vehicle — but rather the perfect accessible vehicle that fits your lifestyle and moves you inside and out.

About AMS Vans

America’s Mobility Superstore is a national wheelchair accessible van dealer and manufacturer with a mission to deliver the industry’s best wheelchair accessible vans and adapted mobility equipment that meets the unique needs of our specially-abled customers at a price they can afford.