Disabled Pet Wheelchair Rat

Is it Safe, or Smart, to Have Wheelchairs for Pets and Animals?

The idea of wheelchairs for pets was designed so that elderly, handicapped, and injured pets can live life to the fullest.  Wheelchairs made for animals give them hope to live sufficient lives, and they give owners another option they might have not been aware of. There are many different products designed to suit your pet’s specific needs.

A wheelchair can enable your animal to run, play, exercise, and lead a healthy life. The product is designed to help animals with hip and leg problems, degenerative myelopathy (MD), hip dysplasia, arthritis, paralysis, slipped disc, soreness, spinal and neurological problems, surgical recovery, and so much more.

When opting for a wheelchair for your pet there are many different angles you need to consider such as your pet’s measurements, weight and lifestyle, activity level, and terrain your pet plays on. The wheelchair is  also designed to allow your pet to urinate and defecate normally and easily.

Wheelchairs are not only restricted to smaller animals, some have been designed for animals weighing over 250 pounds. The variety of pets with different disabilities able to use this type of product are hardly limited. There have been chairs made for canines, felines, goats, bunnies, ferrets, guinea pigs, rats, deer, miniature horses, alpacas, sheep, pigs and other exotic pets. The wheelchairs are designed with your pets comfort first and foremost. There are also additional support systems such as Belly Straps that help animals with additional mid-back/abdomen injuries.

Pneumatic wheel tires are air filled and sealed with a maintenance-free bearing cartridge to give your pet the most comfortable transportation available. Also, they allow your pet the option of maneuvering over multiple types of terrains such as, grass, gravel, sand, pavement, and rocky, or unbalanced terrain. Stirrups are for pets without complete or no use of their hind legs. If the pet doesn’t have completely functional hind legs they can still move their legs back and forth for extra exercise, however if the pet cannot operate their hind legs sufficiently they can rest their hind legs comfortably.

A walking axle allows the pet to have their legs down while operating the wheel chair instead of resting them on the stirrup. A Front Harness keeps the wheelchair moving in sync with your pet, also making his movements more comfortable. There are also chairs made with weight adjustments designed to balance your pets weight. This prevents pressure from being applied to your pets forelimbs, making sure the wheelchair is meeting it’s full potential.