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Alabama Woman Spends 23 Years in a Wheelchair, Walks at Revival

Gospel singer and minister Delia Knox from Alabama was hit by a drunk driver on Christmas Day 23 years ago, and she was paralyzed from the waist down.  On August 27, 2010, Delia went to a revival and shocked the audience by getting up out of her chair and walking again.

Delia claims that during the revival, she heard a voice telling her to “Just get up”.  After being prayed over, she rose from her wheelchair and began moving her legs.  With assistance, she walked in front of everyone, amazing them.

The video was captured and posted to youtube.  She has since become a global sensation with invitations from around the globe for her to appear as a guest speaker.

This past Thursday Delia returned to Buffalo, New York, for the first time without a wheelchair.  Family and friends gathered around her mother’s house waiting for her arrival.  Her mother, Amelia Roman, said that she has prayed for Delia to be able to walk again every single day since the accident.

“My house is a house of miracles!  I tell you, there is only one way, the Lord.” said Amelia.

Her family cheered as Delia pulled up to the house wearing high heels and walked up the stairs to the front porch with minimal assistance.  Her mother wept with joy as the two embraced each other.

Delia said, “That was one of my things. I wanted to walk up the stairs and see my mom and dad who instilled faith in me, and I thank God they’re alive to see this.”

Carlos Benitez said, “It’s just beautiful. I can’t believe it, you know?”

“Our faith is God does miraculous things, and he’s done it here,” said Casimiro Rodriguez.

Delia claims she had no idea that on the night she was wheeled into the revival she’d leave on two feet.

“I’d stay away from revivals because I’ve been pulled, plopped and dropped. This time I walked; I wasn’t dropped,” said Delia.


Delia said, “All I know is I couldn’t walk, and now I walk.”

A lot of people believe in the miracle, and of course there are a lot of skeptics that also say that it is highly unlikely.

James Randi has been offering a million dollar prize through the James Randi Foundation for many years to anyone that can demonstrate “any psychic, supernatural, or paranormal ability of any kind under mutually agreed upon scientific conditions.”  So far, he says, not a single claim of hundreds of miracles or supernatural events has turned out to be true.

Randi viewed the video of Roman-Knox on YouTube and said it was a “case of whether she couldn’t walk or just didn’t” prior to Aug. 27.

“Where’s the evidence she could not walk? The evidence is pretty clear that she did not walk,” said Randi.

The preacher on Aug. 27 may have displayed enough charisma to convince Roman-Knox that she did indeed possess the ability to walk, or she may have been walking on her own before, away from the public eye, building strength in her legs.

“It’s hard to say without a real medical analysis,” he said.

The outside skepticism didn’t prevent friends and family of Roman-Knox, who is known in evangelical Christian circles for her beautiful singing voice, from reveling in her apparent recovery.

“We’re celebrating today a God that continuosly does miracles. She is just an instrument in his hands,” said the Rev. Alberto Lanzot, pastor of Hispanic United Methodist Church and one of several area preachers on hand for Roman-Knox’s arrival. “We’re celebrating a God that has not forgotten Delia, that has not forgotten us, that has not forgotten Buffalo.”