New Oprah TV Show to Showcase Zach Anner Wheelchair Travel Personality

Meet Zach Anner.  Zach has cerebral palsy – “the sexiest of the palsies” he notes – and has been in a wheelchair all of his life, but he doesn’t let that get in his way of his humor or his dreams.  Recently, Zach entered a video into the Oprah search for the next TV star, and he’s currently in the lead by more than a million votes.  Zach’s pitch for the show is “designed to inspire people who never thought they could travel.”

Zach Anner is currently part of a sketch comedy show at The University of Texas called “That’s Awesome” and has done a few skits about being in a wheelchair.  One notable video is titled “The Handicapped Stall” and makes fun of able-bodied people using the handicap accessible bathroom.

All of this happened over the matter of one weekend – in fact, it was last weekend.  Even better, Zach was out of town while it happened, and his brother filmed the reaction.

Zach’s humor is striking, and we give his television show idea a big thumbs up.

We should all take some advice from Zach Anner such as his closing line in the pilot for Oprah’s television show content “No obstacle is too big; no mountain is too high; no volcano is too hot; and no Atlantis is too underwater or fictional.” Way to go, Zach.