AMS iClass Platform Lifts for Vehicles

AMS iClass™ platform lifts are economical solutions that provide tremendous flexibility to meet your accessibility needs. Whether you’re looking for side-entry or rear-entry access to your full-size van, our lifts are built with durability to withstand the test of time for both personal and public use.

These platform lifts are designed with great precision to offer ultra-quiet and smooth operation. They come equipped with both wired and wireless remote controls to enable convenient ramp functions at your fingertips. Owning a wheelchair accessible vehicle has never been easier or more affordable than with an iClass platform lift!

iClass is a trademark of Mobility Networks

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Truck Solid
Platform Solid

iClass™ Solid Platform (S)

The solid platform is the perfect platorm lift for budget-minded consumers because it offers a low initial and lifetime cost. Its all-steel frame is designed with high quality and superior functionality. This lift sets the standard for platform lifts in the industry.

iClass Split Platform Features:

  • Solid
  • Increased Sense of Stability
  • Up to 1,000 lb Weight Capacity


Truck Fold
Platform Solid

iClass™ Folded Platform (F)

The innovative iClass F series lifts provide a longer platform without obstructing visibility. These bi-fold platforms allow passengers to enjoy the exterior view while riding inside the vehicle.

iClass Split Platform Features:

  • Horizontally Folded
  • Unobstructed View
  • Up to 1,000 lb Weight Capacity


Truck Split
Platform Split

iClass™ Split Platform (SP)

Coming Soon

The iClass SP model is a fully-automatic, split platform lift that folds up and out of the way at the push of a button, offering complete access to the vehicle interior. This unique split platform design is a popular solution because it leaves a clear pathway for able-bodied passengers to enter and exit without deploying the lift.

iClass Split Platform Features:

  • Vertical Split
  • Driver/Passenger Exterior View
  • Up to 1,000lb Weight Capacity
  • Interior Access When Stowed