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Finance Your Wheelchair Van with State Programs and Resources

State Programs and Resources for Financing Wheelchair Vans

Buying a wheelchair-accessible van and other mobility equipment can be a challenging and expensive process for caregivers and people living with disabilities. It is important to note that the United States has a large number of people living with disabilities looking for mobility equipment and financial grants. Most of these disabled people are unemployed and poverty-stricken looking for financial and physical support. While they need various support, transportation support is the main need of disabled Americans. Fortunately, there are Federal, state, and manufacturers' financial grant programs that have made some of them realize their dream of owning wheelchair vans that enhance their mobility from one location to the other. This article briefly explains some of these programs and how to apply them. Continue reading to learn and understand how to find these grant programs for wheelchair vans.

What Financial Assistance Programs are Available?

As mentioned, there are various financial assistance programs or rather options that disabled Americans can pursue today. Wheelchair grants for disabled people not only grant them enhanced mobility but also reduces their dependency on their caregivers. Organizations like the American Disability Transportation Association have been at the forefront of helping poverty-stricken handicapped people seeking financial assistance. Here are four financial assistance options available for people living with disability and seeking financial assistance for wheelchair vans and other mobility equipment.

a) Federal Funding Programs

Various national organizations in the United States offer a wide range of funding assistance to meet the needs of disabled Americans. Unlike state funding, these programs are not specific to one segment of the population or one location. Some of these federal mobility grant programs cover the entire cost of equipment while the smaller ones are income-based grants that only assist if your budget is slightly below the cost of obtaining an adaptive vehicle. In the case of Federal Mobility Grants, most people are always clueless or confused about who to approach to make an application. We have listed below a step-by-step process for applying for a federal funding assistance program. Read through to understand each step for future use.

  • Go to Grants.gov.

  • Fill out the registration form that consists of five step process which you can easily understand and fill out on your own.

  • Keyword search for the type of grant you are seeking. Go to the top section of the page and on the right-hand corner of the site, there is a keyword search box, type in the grant type you are seeking.

  • You are requested to carefully go through them and subsequently apply for grant access. The electronic application process is seamless and very reliable with the security of your information guaranteed as the system gets updated with robust security features regularly. The website is secured using Secure Socket Layer [SSL] technology for encrypting data

b)    State Funding

There are financial assistance programs and grants for mobility products that are state-specific and often vary from one state to another and are specific to certain conditions. Some states even offer vocational rehabilitation assistance to help pay for the mobility equipment so long as it allows you to be active in the workface and also be independent at home. Other programs only cover mobility equipment that has become necessary due to an injury from a vehicle accident or workplace injury.

c)    Manufacturer's Discount

Some automotive manufacturers offer incentives, rebates, and discounts to new customers who have bought wheelchair vans or are seeking mobility equipment installation. These rebates can apply to adaptive equipment like driver hand controls, transfer seats, and other assistive technologies.

Final Thoughts

In case you are looking for grants or any other financial assistance from the federal government or state governments, you are advised to visit dedicated websites for more information. Should visit only credible sites like grants.gov and submit your application for grants assistance.

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