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Tips for Buying a Wheelchair Handicap Vehicle

Buying a wheelchair accessible van shouldn't be overwhelming. Find articles about buying a handicap van below to learn how to save money buying a used wheelchair van for sale and other options available such as new handicap vans. We will help you make an informed decision about the type of wheelchair accessible vehicle that's the best fit for your lifestyle.

  • The Safer Way to Transfer: Wheelchair Vans It can be stressful and challenging to perform this type of transfer because of the hazards involved, which might include falls and injuries to the wheelchair user or the caregiver.

  • Advantages of Buying a Wheelchair Van from AMS Vans LLC. Like any major purchase, buying a wheelchair accessible van is a huge decision, made even more meaningful by what's at stake--your mobility independence.

  • AMS Vans FAQ for Wheelchair Accessible Vans We have compiled a resource for your most frequently asked questions regarding handicap vans for sale, rent, and mobility conversions.

  • Determining the Best Wheelchair Vehicle for You Compare the benefits and setbacks of purchasing a wheelchair accessible minivan, car, full size van, conversion van, truck, SUV, or motorcycle.

  • Rear Entry vs Side Entry Wheelchair Van Conversions Refer to our Side Entry versus Rear Entry comparison chart to help determine which conversion van is best for you.

  • Is A Kneeling System Necessary? While the kneeling system serves a definite group of people with disabilities, many qualify for an AMS Vans wheelchair accessible van and will discover the AMS Vans conversion easily fits their needs.

  • Commercial Wheelchair Vans at Low Prices New and used handicap van conversions are available nationwide for businesses including accessible taxis, nursing homes, on-emergency medical transport and other mobility companies.

  • Personalizing Your Adapted Van AMS Vans offers the safest, lowest price adapted vans for the best value in the industry. Whether you are buying a new or used handicap van or having your current Dodge, Chrysler, Honda, or Volkswagen minivan adapted for wheelchair accessibility, AMS Vans is your top choice nationwide.

  • The Special Needs People Who Need Special Transportation Special needs vans are essential for wheelchair users to provide safe, reliable transportation. Something as simple as getting in and out of a non-accessible vehicle can put both the wheelchair user and the caretaker at risk for serious injury.

  • The Truth About Transport Wheelchairs Moving a wheelchair user in and out of their regular wheelchair to a transport wheelchair can be dangerous. A wheelchair user does not have full use of his/her legs and cannot properly support his/her weight while going from wheelchair to the transport wheelchair, then from the transport wheelchair to the vehicle and back again.

  • How to Buy Used Wheelchair Vans Online More and more families are choosing AMS Vans LLC. for their wheelchair accessible vehicles. The reason that we're becoming so popular is that we care about what we do, and it shows in every step of our customer service.

  • Accessible Vehicles—Which One Suits Your Style? If you are just beginning your search for a handicap accessible vehicle, this is a good place to start. You may not realize that almost any type of vehicle can be modified for wheelchair users—both drivers and passengers.

  • Wheelchair Accessible Vans, New or Used? Are you or someone you know in the market for a wheelchair accessible van?

  • Accessible Parking Mobile Apps Most people with disabilities have difficulty getting accessible handicap parking spots across the city. Here is where the mobile apps come in. 

  • Wheelchair Minivans - Ideal Transportation for Drivers with Disabilities For a wheelchair user, the simple act of going to the store can be a very time-consuming and potentially dangerous situation. AMS Vans specializes in custom conversion wheelchair minivans at a low cost without compromising safety.

  • Disability Vans for Commercial Use Transporting wheelchair users in a vehicle other than a disability van can be back breaking and put either you or your loved one at risk for serious injury. AMS Vans Handicap Vans has been in business for more than a decade and prioritizes on providing the best value and lowest price guaranteed!

  • The Ins and Outs of Wheelchair Ramp Vans Wheelchair ramp vans are vans specifically customized to meet the needs of wheelchair users and other people that have mobility hardships.

  • How to Purchase a Handicap Van--No Matter Where You Live AMS Vans is the premier source for handicap minivans with nationwide handicap van sales and rentals. 

  • Wheelchair Vans and Non-Emergency Medical Transport The need for non-emergency medical transport is rising, as the US population simply ages or those with disabilities increasingly seek mobility to and from doctor appointments and routine hospital visits. Long-channel wheelchair accessible (and gurney accessible!) vans can offer the perfect solution.

  • Handicap Van Accessories: Professional Installation or Do-It-Yourself? You can purchase handicap accessories for vehicles at a number of places, including online wheelchair van dealerships and local dealerships, and you may be handy enough to install the accessory yourself--but you shouldn't and, if you're dealing with a reputable mobility equipment sales company, you can't.

  • Wheelchair Van Shopping: A Guide For Parents Conversion designs, which have improved over several decades, now make accessible vans safer, more reliable, more convenient, and easier to use than ever before. The most innovative conversion designs have given rise to an expanding market of surprisingly affordable handicap accessible minivans--great news for the parent of a child with disabilities that require a wheelchair. If you're pondering the purchase of an adapted van, the information below should prove helpful.

  • A Weighty Question About Wheelchair Vans If you're shopping for new or used handicap vans for sale, it's important for you to know that your weight combined with the weight of your wheelchair determines which van or vehicle style will suit your needs best. Do you know the combined weight of you and your mobility device?

  • What Makes a Wheelchair Van Certified Used? As you'd expect, used wheelchair accessible vans for sale have been around since just after adapted vans were first manufactured and, typically, each conversion manufacturer develops a certification system for used vans. But they do have industry guidance.

  • How Handicap Van Jump Seats Work Jump seats can be installed in both side entry and rear entry mobility vans, and you can purchase a single or double jump seat, depending upon the cabin configuration and the amount of passenger seating you require.

  • Wheelchair Van Seating Options When shopping for wheelchair vans, you should be aware of the seating flexibility in adapted vans. A variety of accessible equipment is available to accommodate your cabin seating preferences.

  • Wheelchair Van Testimonials: How to Use Them and What They Mean A recent study by global public relations company Weber Shandwick confirms that shoppers seek out and give credence to customer reviews and testimonials moreso than the reviews of professional critics.

  • Top Disability Resources for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Use these top U.S. resources for help with disability, mobility, and wheelchair accessible transportation. Click on the logo to access the site.