Experience Service and Repair with ‘AMS Vans Advantage’

Why you shouldn't trust your mobility freedom to anyone else

If you are a business or an individual that uses a wheelchair or have workers that use one, you know how hard it is for you to organize transport that meets their needs while being compassionate to them. Most vehicles do not have features that allow for those with wheelchairs, and several other models are hard to customize. Fortunately, AMS Vans Advantage has the features you need to offer total freedom and comfortable travel to your loved ones or workers using wheelchairs.

What is the AMS Vans Advantage?

AMS Vans Advantage is a van service that combines several benefits that ensure safety, comfortable travel, and peace of mind for users of our vans and the companies maintaining the vehicles. We have taken care of most of the needs customers face when searching, managing, and maintaining customized vehicles, giving them quality performance and mobility freedom.

Here are the features of the service:

Quality Modified Vehicles

Your mobility needs are handled by mobility experts that are knowledgeable and compassionate. You are assured of quality service and solutions tailored to your needs. Besides, the experts have many ideas and practical ways to handle various mobility problems. The company has over 100 vehicles on site, each of which has been proactively serviced to meet the set industry standards. You get a vast collection of new and pre-owned conversion models tested for safety. Therefore, the user is assured of safety in various driving experiences. Customization is dependent on your needs and any required special abilities. Unlike conventional wheelchair models, these vans can have any feature possible to meet your preferences and convenience. The service combines practicality and luxury.

Shopping for the Van

We offer a no-pressure, no-obligation shopping experience. Our teams do not apply high-pressure marketing tactics when advising you of the best model and features based on your needs. You get time to think about any of our offers without being forced to commit to buying or receiving unnecessary calls. We believe that customers who buy features they feel serve them best get the most satisfaction from the offer. This is what we aim for. We guarantee reasonable prices for all our vans. This guarantee includes matching or beating any other market dealer and price adjustments. Once you buy our vans, we offer a nationwide pick-up service with a right of refusal. Our teams will also provide vehicle demonstrations at home, with customer service technicians on hand to answer your queries. AMS Vans offers the best-priced side-entry vehicles in the country. You can choose a model starting from as low as $19,900 and enjoy various financing options that are competitively priced. We also accept trade-ins of modified and non-modified models and include wheelchair transportation repair on the traded vehicles.


When you buy the van, you get a combined conversion and existing vehicle warranty for peace of mind. Part of the warranty is the 3-year and 36,000-mile warranty. The package also includes a 24-hour emergency helpline that is toll-free and comes with para-transport service, wheelchair van repair service, and roadside assistance. The advantage program also comes with a buy-back program, a post-purchase sales plan, and mobility classifieds should you want to dispose of it in the future. On the other hand, if you do not want to buy a van, you can rent it instead. Our modified vans are available on short-term and long-term rentals, with rental clients getting various discounts if they choose to purchase.

Want to Buy a Modified Vehicle?

We have a dynamic virtual showroom available online, and you can connect with us on our social media handles. Our physical showroom is open six days a week with an option for after-hours appointments. Get the best mobility experience in a wheelchair by purchasing a modified van from AMS Vans Advantage Wheelchair Van Service.

The 'AMS Vans Advantage' includes:

  • Knowledgeable, compassionate mobility experts

  • Wide selection of reliable new- and pre-owned conversion models to choose — all crash-tested for safety

  • Over 100 vehicles on-site, each proactively serviced to meet high-quality standards

  • Vehicle customization to meet your lifestyle or special ability

  • No-pressure, no-obligation, no-expectation shopping experience

  • Low-price guarantee with beating or matching price adjustment

  • Nationwide certified, responsive service network

  • Nationwide pick-up or delivery with right of refusal, followed by at-home vehicle demonstration

  • The best-priced side-entry conversion vans in the nation

  • 134-point quality inspection before, during, & after conversion

  • AMS Vans conversion and existing warranties combination

  • 3-year & 36,000-mile conversion warranty

  • Acceptance of all modified & non-modified trade-ins

  • Toll-free, 24-hour emergency helpline with roadside assist & para-transport service

  • Referral bonus offer for referrers of purchases

  • A wide variety of pricing options — many from as low as $19,900 — with quick, convenient financing options

  • Post-purchase sales plan, buy-back program, & mobility classifieds

  • Showroom open 6 days a week with after-hours appointments available

  • Dynamic website with 24/7/365 virtual showroom, product videos, social media network, & blog

  • Van rentals — available in both short- and long-term rentals — with discounts toward purchase

The result is that you get an amazing wheelchair-accessible vehicle — that fits your special abilities and the way you live — along with the immense comfort of knowing that AMS Vans will always go above and beyond the call of duty to protect your investment in your mobility freedom.