How to Buy Used Wheelchair Vans Online

More and more individuals and families are turning to the Internet to find and purchase their wheelchair accessible vehicles. Buying online—even for big-ticket items like cars and boats—is quickly becoming the purchasing method of choice for Americans in the 21st century. The convenience, reliability, and cost-saving aspects of online buying make Internet shopping incredibly attractive—and, today, you can find, purchase, and have the perfect accessible vehicle delivered to your driveway without leaving the comforts of home. Here's how!

Find a Proven, Reputable Online Dealer

There are several reputable wheelchair van dealers online, and most sell safe, reliable new and used handicap vehicles of various makes, models, colors, and conversion styles, so finding a suitable, used handicap van online shouldn't be difficult. If affordability is your top priority, you can narrow the field by checking their online inventory to see which Internet-based dealers offer the greatest number of certified used handicap vans at prices in your range. Also, a dealership with a professional conversion company onsite eliminates expenses that would otherwise add to the cost of a van. Keep in mind, people with disabilities have access to low-cost loans, grants, mobility rebates and other avenues for funding assistive technology in part or completely, including used wheelchair vans. When you find an online dealer with extensive experience and positive testimonials from customers, pick up the phone and call.

Work With a Mobility Consultant Online or By Phone

The only thing you lose by working with an online accessible vehicle dealer is the ability to physically check out the van before you buy it. That said, thousands of individuals and families nationwide who have purchased a certified used wheelchair van online will attest to their complete satisfaction with the vehicle they bought sight-unseen (except for a photo) when it was delivered to their home or office. An online mobility consultant with a reputable web-based company has the knowledge and expertise to ask the necessary questions, provide you with all the necessary information, and direct you toward one or more used vehicles perfect for you in the dealer's inventory. The standard process for an online mobility consultant works like this:

  1. When you contact a mobility consultant, the conversation begins with some basic questions: Who's in the wheelchair (an adult or a child)? Is it a manual wheelchair, a power chair or a mobility scooter? Will the wheelchair user be the driver or a passenger? What are the measurements of the chair? Where does the wheelchair passenger want to be seated? Do you have a make, model, or color preference for the van? What's your budget?

  2. Once you've answered the essential questions, the mobility consultant creates a personal profile which includes the best modification style for your particular needs. A side entry ramp works well for both drivers and passengers. A rear entry ramp is more economical, and, depending on the design, can hold two passengers in wheelchairs. You'll discover you have a number of options. You can purchase a used, unmodified van from the company's inventory and have it made handicap accessible with a brand-new conversion, or you can choose a used van with an existing, used conversion. If you already have a minivan, you can have it converted for wheelchair access. During your conversations with the consultant, you'll begin to get an idea of the kind of van you require and the price range. With this information, you can begin to line up a loan, apply for grants, hold fundraisers or identify other means of funding, if you haven't already started that process. The company's web site should provide a vast amount of guidance for funding options and how to obtain them. Highly customer-focused online dealerships will provide both national and state adaptive equipment-funding sources.

  3. At this point, the consultant searches the company's inventory for one or more vehicles to present to you for consideration. Every vehicle will be explained to you in detail, including all the reasons why a particular van will work best for you. When you make your choice, the process to make your wheelchair van ready for delivery—including all paperwork—begins! If you've chosen a used minivan that needs a new conversion, it might take a few weeks before delivery, but if you choose a used handicap minivan with a used conversion, you might get your freedom and independence in as little as 24 hours!

Have Your Used Wheelchair Van Delivered

It only makes sense that a company selling handicap vans online nationwide will have several delivery options available, including pick-up from their facility, which would be the most cost-effective of all. Delivery prices vary by method and distance. Typically, you can have the car driven to you by one of the dealer's mobility professionals, or you can have it delivered by truck and trailer, which saves mileage on your vehicle. Either way, a customer-driven online company will guarantee 100% satisfaction on delivery. When your van is delivered, three things should happen:

  • The mobility professional who delivers your van should be happy to take your vehicle to a local mechanic for inspection at your request.

  • The mobility professional will take all the time necessary to go over the proper operation of every feature of the van and the conversion, making sure you are comfortable and confident you can operate the vehicle safely.

  • If you are unhappy with the wheelchair accessible van for any reason, the mobility professional should return the van with no questions asked, cancel the sale and process a full refund.

The Bottom Line

The very best online used wheelchair van dealers will offer value-added services and products, like a toll-free, 24-hour help line to assist you in locating a certified mechanic for van and conversion repair anywhere in the US, an exceptional warranty on newly converted vans, purchase and installation of peripheral adaptive equipment like hand controls, wheelchair lifts, and transfer seating, a handicap van rental component, and opportunities for people who want to sell an accessible vehicle, like mobility classifieds, a sell-on-consignment opportunity, and a buy-back program for existing customers.

In our digital world, buying a used wheelchair van online is as wonderful and worry-free as it sounds!