Wheelchair Van Testimonials: How to Use Them and What They Mean

If you're shopping used wheelchair vans for sale online, it's likely you're reading customer testimonials of various dealerships to help make your decision. How do we know?

People trust customer reviews more than they do the reviews of pro critics.

Yes. A recent study by global public relations company Weber Shandwick confirms that shoppers seek out and give credence to customer reviews and testimonials more than the reviews of professional critics. The study also showed that the average buyer consults 11 consumer reviews on the path to purchase, while 74% percent look for reviews online.

Call it virtual word of mouth.

The Testimonial Test

There are a number of review sites for almost every kind of business. Check out more than one to see if the reviews are consistent. Don't let one bad review negate dozens of great ones.

It's true that unethical businesses will write fictitious reviews or pay customers to write good reviews or testimonials for them. One way to help determine if testimonials are valid is to look at the names of the cities that accompany the reviewing customers' name. If they're all big, well-known cities, there's a good chance that a portion of all the testimonials has been fabricated.

Particularly for the testimonials of nationwide, online handicap van dealerships, small towns show that the company can do exactly what it says in terms of choosing the best van online, even though the customer never sees it until the day of delivery, which--as the prevalence of small towns in testimonials also indicates--can be delivered anywhere in the US.

Customer Service and Vehicle Quality

Pay careful attention to testimonials that speak to customer service and vehicle quality. For mobility van shoppers it's important to know you'll be helped by caring, expert mobility consultants, and that you'll get exactly what you pay for, if not more.

As a potential customer, your confidence in a dealership should grow more solid with every positive testimonial that speaks to the quality and service provided to customers who share their experience. As a satisfied customer who got a great deal and outstanding customer service, your willingness to share your experience with future customers gives other individuals and families needing affordable, reliable adapted vehicles confidence in purchasing from a company you've personally endorsed.

We're proud to say that every testimonial on the AMS Vans' web site was provided voluntarily by an actual customer. If you had a good experience buying a handicap accessible vehicle from us, we'd truly appreciate a testimonial. If you're a shopper, you can take the words of our thousands of happy customers to heart--they're incredibly smart!