Help Hope Live - Leading Community-based Fundraising Platform

AMS Vans is proud to be a Partner in Hope for

Ready to kickstart a fundraising campaign for a wheelchair accessible vehicle from AMS Vans?

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At AMS Vans, we understand that funding can sometimes be a barrier to mobility freedom. That's why we partnered with Help Hope Live; to connect our community with a fundraising option to purchase the wheelchair accessible vehicle they need

Why Help Hope Live

Help Hope Live is the leading community-based fundraising platform for people with unmet medical expenses due to catastrophic injuries or illnesses. They provide the following support and advantages throughout the fundraising campaign.

One-on-one fundraising help

Customizable campaign page

Bill pay support

Additional benefits based on nonprofit status

including tax deductable dontations

In addition, get these benefits from AMS Vans:

Help with the mobility vehicle buying process

Help finding financing and additional rebate

$500 AMS Vans rebate